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Need complete fly fishing set-up? Try neighbors

“Owing to great success, Front Porch Forum has become my “look here first” place for finding props for various productions I’m involved with. Currently, I am producing a feature film for a Burlington area filmmaker. We are seeking a complete set of fly fishing gear (rod & reel, waders, etc.) and possibly the expertise of the owner to consult on the film. Production of this scene will happen in late May or June, likely to be a one-day shoot. We are providing credit in the film. Thanks!”
• Kenric, Montpelier FPF

Grandmom seeking pediatric nebulizer in Middlebury

“After a hasty trip to the ER our visiting grandson has been diagnosed with croup – very scary! MD recommends having a pediatric nebulizer on hand in the event he has another ‘event.’ Hopefully it will not be needed and the “tribe” leaves on Friday. I don’t believe this is akin to borrowing someone’s toothbrush and am hoping there is one available and not in use.”
• Peg, Middlebury FPF

“How GREAT is Front Porch Forum and how GREAT is this community!!  So many generous responses to my request to borrow a nebulizer… I hope they were not all the result of a similar baby crisis and if so that the crisis is long past. My resourceful daughter rented a nebulizer from the Medicine Chest… something I never even knew was possible. How many things a grandmom does not know. Mom, Dad and Babe are now sleeping soundly as I type after much to much excitement last night. Thank You ALL!”
• Peg, Middlebury FPF, the next day

Jericho neighbors lend cots to Brundibar

brun_show_page“I am amazed at our community… after posting one night asking for fold-away cots for an upcoming musical, I was well received by so many welcoming families and friends… thank you all. I am talking to the director, so please bare with me. I love this Forum… thank you all again.” [Brundibar, http://Flynntix.org or 802-86FLYNN]
• Lupe, Jericho Front Porch Forum

Danville procrastinator stymied by neighbors

“A huge thank you to Front Porch Forum, in particular, Abbie and Bob, I have the 35 mm film canisters I had been looking for. Cannot procrastinate in completing said gift project now.”
• Happy Harry, Saint Johnsbury Area FPF

Underhill neighbors save Thanksgiving

“All Set with Creme De Menthe and Cocoa! I Love FPF! Thank you all who replied to my plea. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!”
• Lisa, Underhill Front Porch Forum