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Jericho neighbors lend cots to Brundibar

brun_show_page“I am amazed at our community… after posting one night asking for fold-away cots for an upcoming musical, I was well received by so many welcoming families and friends… thank you all. I am talking to the director, so please bare with me. I love this Forum… thank you all again.” [Brundibar, http://Flynntix.org or 802-86FLYNN]
• Lupe, Jericho Front Porch Forum

Danville procrastinator stymied by neighbors

“A huge thank you to Front Porch Forum, in particular, Abbie and Bob, I have the 35 mm film canisters I had been looking for. Cannot procrastinate in completing said gift project now.”
• Happy Harry, Saint Johnsbury Area FPF

Underhill neighbors save Thanksgiving

“All Set with Creme De Menthe and Cocoa! I Love FPF! Thank you all who replied to my plea. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!”
• Lisa, Underhill Front Porch Forum

Recumbent bike loan in Ferrisburgh

“Thank you to KS in Charlotte who had a recumbent bike he wasn’t using. Now I can continue with my physical therapy while I am still basically home bound. Thanks also to Front Porch Forum for bringing neighbors together to help one another. It is really appreciated.”
• Mickey, Ferrisburgh FPF

Waterbury neighbors provide tires

“Our Front Porch Forum is the greatest! Had several immediate responses to my request for tires. Thanks everybody who responded. We got the tires we needed.”
• Cheryl, Waterbury FPF