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Precious photos lost on old-school floppy disk?

Follow-up posting from Steve yesterday on the East Montpelier FPF…

I want to thank all of you who sent me emails with offers of help in regards to getting access to my floppy disk that had some pictures on it that I wanted. I am all set. I have retrieved the pictures thanks to a neighbor that had the correct equipment.

And thanks to the Front Porch Forum for all of the people it reaches out to in the area.

Carpet shampooer is the new cup of sugar in Berlin

Posted to the Berlin FPF by Peg yesterday…

I asked my neighbors for a carpet cleaner and had one an hour later! Thank you Linda!!!!! And thanks to the folks who created Front Porch Forum! It’s a tool our community really needs!

Grateful for Winooski neighbor connection

Lovely posting today on the Winooski FPF from Mary Beth today…

I am sure many other people share this sentiment of how thankful they are for Front Porch Forum.

What a wonderful resource in so many ways.

Because of the forum I have learned about events in the area, participated in a research study at UVM, gotten a free desk for my daughter, and found the owner of the chicken that I found dead in the road and disposed of the other day. Both the owner and I were grateful to have located each other and it was all because of the forum.

For those who post and those who run the Forum, THANK YOU for this valuable community resource!