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Very old, mostly deaf and blind dog finds self

Posted on the Huntington Front Porch Forum on Wednesday…

Our orange and white Brittany spaniel Emma is still missing. She’s very old, mostly blind and deaf. With the help of several neighbors, we spent yesterday, a chunk of the night, and again this morning searching the Camels Hump ski trails to no avail. Our best hope is that she wandered out onto a road and took refuge in someone’s shed or barn… She’s wearing a green collar that has our phone number on it.

And the happy-ending follow-up on Friday…

Some 20 minutes after yesterday’s Front Porch Forum was published, I stood at the window, as I have done so many times over the last several days, staring into the darkness, picturing in my mind Emma walking across the yard as she used to do. All of a sudden, the motion sensor light clicked on, and there she was! Exactly as I was picturing in my mind!… A mirage? Hallucination from lack of sleep? I yelled, we all yelled, and ran out the door to scoop her up. She was skinny, her paws were iced up, but she looked pretty normal and happy… and determined.

Our neighbor, a vet, stopped by a little later to look her over and she checked out pretty well… cold, a few raw spots on her feet and legs, but Wow.

We want to thank our neighbors, friends and family who helped in the search, although it was Emma who got herself home, several folks put in hours and miles in the woods and roads to help look for her. And thanks to the community for some many hopeful and encouraging words. We were close, but we didn’t give up hope. And more importantly, Emma didn’t give up!


Huskies reunited with owner!

Posted by Suzi on the Hinesburg Front Porch Forum recently…

Just thought I’d share the good news and thanks to all… The owner of the missin huskies called me this morning from Starksboro (once again FPF saves the day) and it turns out she has 3 Huskies- their gate was accidentally opened on Friday morning and she managed to grab one but the other 2 bolted off. She searched by car for hours with no luck and they managed to travel all the way up through Huntington and into Hinesburg where I found them Friday night… amazing animals! Anyway, thought I’d share the happy ending to the story. :-)

Many thanks to many neighbors

I was hiking through the golf course on Saturday and lost my phone while wandering around for two hours. Saw many hikers, skiers, dog walkers, and many took my number and offered to call for the next hour or so, hoping it would alert someone. The dog walker even suggested I let her dog sniff my glove because he was a good tracker. She promised to leave the phone on my car if she found it. After an additional hour of looking, I figured it was hopeless. Got in my car, but decided to go to upper parking lot and try one more time, retracing steps. Unbelievably, I found it, but more unbelievable is that in the last 45 minutes I had 14 missed calls recorded on my phone — all my helpers! When I called one number back, the most persistent, to thank him and tell him how astounded I was at so many calls, his response was: “Welcome to Vermont.” Warms my heart.

Shared by Pat on her Front Porch Forum in the South End of Burlington today.