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Need motivation to get out of the house? Check your Front Porch Forum Community Calendar

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Across the state, each Front Porch Forum Community Calendar is home to yard sales, toddler play groups, grange suppers, and little league opening days. Local events are a great way to meet neighbors, learn something new, get active, and have fun! Studies show that social connection is important and your Community Calendar might be just the place to get inspired. We love to read about the creative get-togethers — like these examples listed below — hosted by community members, businesses, libraries, municipalities, and cultural organizations:

Wild Game Dinner, March 23, Bolton
Lake Champlain Longbeards annual wild game dinner. Enjoy wild game in some of our favorite recipes. Venison, Moose, Bear, Rabbit…

Lily’s Pad Ribbit Review, April 3, Burlington
The Ribbit Review is part house-party, part song circle/open-mic that showcases performers of all levels from seasoned singer/songwriters, to those who are just starting out and just looking to connect with other artists and hone their skills.

Solar Eclipse Yoga, April 8, Enosburgh
Yoga class on the green! Bring a mat to roll out on the grass and check the weather to wear appropriate layers… we are planning to have our savasana coincide with the complete darkness of the eclipse.

Alburgh Adult Volleyball, April 10, Alburgh
Volleyball in Alburgh at the school gym is changing the start time to 7 pm. Come join us on Wednesdays for a couple hours of fun!

Eagles Auxiliary Friday Night Bingo, April 26, Jeffersonville
We thank you for supporting our Auxiliary Bingo that supports our many charities, donations, and scholarships, we make in our community throughout each year. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. Bingo refreshments available

Don’t you just feel excited to join in? Check out your local and regional Community Calendar and spread the word that Front Porch Forum is both a great place for planners to post events and for community members to find engaging activities.

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