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20-somethings making use of FPF

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A younger generation has figured out how to use Front Porch Forum to their benefit:

“Wondering if there is a local book club I could join or if anyone wants to start a new book club for 20-somethings!” • Amanda in Hinesburg

And a new friend was found after this posting:  “Here’s a shout out to any other college students who are spending the summer on the island. Is anyone out there?”   • Darcy in No. Hero

Looking to make new connections with like-aged people? Post on FPF!

Summer work with the help of neighbors

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College students and landscapers find work with the help of FPF:

“Just wanted to let everyone know that I am booked with at least 9 people to work for this summer and will post something if I am open to more work. Thank you all to those who have replied to my Front Porch Forum as it helps a lot!” • Kyle in Moretown

“Thanks to FPF, I saw a post for landscaping, masonry, carpentry, painting, and driveway repair work when I needed help fixing our stone wall. Jeremy fixed the problems with speed and skill. He’s a clean, careful worker. I will hire him again.” • Casey in Johnson

“Thank you for all the recommendations for Lawn Care, we have someone now. I greatly appreciate all the responses and love Front Porch Forum.” • Kim in Morrisville

Looking for help with odd jobs around the house? Try FPF!

Opera scores and Victrolas snatched up on FPF

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“So thrilled that some of my unmarked opera scores in great condition were snapped up so quickly, in one day! I am happy that a young local musician will enjoy them now in her music studies as I did! Front Porch Forum is a great idea.” • Annie-Vera in Stowe

“Wow! Front Porch Forum amazes me. Many many people responded to my Roku posting of this morning – but it’s been spoken for.”
• Lawrence in Montpelier

“I think that it is really COOL that my Fridge has sold. I can now CHILL out that its is soon to be gone. Want to thank all that replied, not to FREEZE anyone out here.”  • Paul in Stowe

“The Victrola Was Instantly Claimed! I love FPF. Thanks to everyone for your interest.”  • Elizabeth in Middlebury

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Washington county youth receive housing help from FPF neighbors

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“Thank you to the many individuals who have given free items to furnish apartments for youth who otherwise would not have housing. From bureaus, DVD players, a love seat, movies, a lamp, a kitchen table, many many Shaw’s stamps for cookware for all of our apartments, etc. Thank you from the Transitional Living Program at the Washington County Youth Service Bureau!!”
Christina, Montpelier Front Porch Forum

Starting out on your own for the first time or know someone who is? Ask FPF neighbors for help!

Burton jacket missing from Nectars… stolen or honest mistake?

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“My green Burton jacket was taken from Dead Set at Nectars last night. I’m sure it was an innocent mistake but if anyone found it please please please let me know! My only Saab key was in it and I will not be able to drive to my family’s house for Christmas without it.”
• Kelsey, Old North End neighborhood Front Porch Forum in Burlington

“The person who accidentally took my jacket saw my FPF posting and will be returning it to Nectars! Best case scenario; I am so grateful. Thank you to everyone who reached out with tips and advice! Special shoutout to Rain at Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime. He contacted me and was super helpful in exploring possible solutions. Thanks to this lovely community, it looks like I’ll be making it home for Christmas! And yes, I will be getting a spare copy of my key immediately.”
• Kelsey, Old North End FPF, next day

Brown ridgeback back home in South Burlington, safe and sound

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“I’m so relieved to tell everyone that Amber, the brown ridgeback, has been found, thanks to some Front Porch Forum neighbors! She was spotted at the dog park on Joy Drive, and Fran (bless you!) had a leash with her and got the errant doggie! Thanks also to Gretchen, who did yeoman’s duty going through the woods and around the neighborhood! Amber is safe and warm at home. Thanks again to all, and to FPF for posting this so quickly!”
• Anne, a South Burlington neighborhood FPF

Vergennes stolen purse – happy ending

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1130a861f02b00b460a0f65c168b47ce“Saturday evening, I inadvertently left my purse and tote on the sidewalk in the heart of Vergennes at the streetlight. Multi-tasking, I put my purse and tote down outside the Men’s Corner to load something up, then drove away. Upon our return 20 minutes later, my wicker purse (with wide black ribbon) and burlap tote (with white polka dots) were gone. Vergennes Police have been notified. My wallet, checkbook, cash, iPhone and other basics are gone; hopefully, not forever. If anybody has any information leading to their findings, please contact me. Offering $200 reward. Thank you.”
• Julie, Vergennes FPF

“Three cheers to Front Porch Forum – Sunday evening, I reported the unfortunate event of my stolen purse and tote bag on Main Street. Monday morning, I began the arduous task of obtaining a new drivers license, replacing my cell phone, and ridding myself of the anger I was harboring. I was particularly sad about the loss of my new purse from Malabar. The Little City with the Big Heart rallied and I extend my thanks to those who provided empathy and support since my last post. And good news – the thieves weren’t interested in my purse! Along with the tote, it was tossed into bushes on a nearby street and found the next day, unharmed. My thanks to FPF and concerned citizens, and the dear young couple who found it and returned it to me. Happy screams, hugs, and great joy followed. The longest day of the year had a very happy ending!
• Julie, Vergennes FPF, next day