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Newport Elks Club uses FPF to bring in a crowd to annual craft sale

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“On behalf of Newport Elks Club#2155. I would like to thank Front Porch Forum for letting us post our annual Craft Sale last Saturday. It was very successful. Thanks again.”
• Reg, Jay Peak FPF

Vermont radon program reaches annual goal in just two weeks by using FPF

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Typically, the Vermont Health Dept. devotes a lot of staff time and resources to meeting its goal of distributing 2,000 radon test kits per year. Following its recent Front Porch Forum posting, the Health Dept’s Radon Program received more than 2,100 radon test kit requests in just two weeks.

The effectiveness of this outreach will allow the State to focus on other important initiatives to protect Vermonters from the health risks posed by radon.

The State estimates that for every 2,000 radon test kits distributed, there will be approximately 10 fewer cases of radon-related lung cancer as people identify and fix radon problems in their homes.

Click here to learn how your program, business or nonprofit can use FPF to raise awareness of your services and products.

Campaigns, Businesses and Nonprofits put FPF to work

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#BTV #VT – 45,000 Vermont households participate in their Front Porch Forum now.  Use FPF advertising and campaign postings to place your message into neighborhood conversations.

“Front Porch Forum is the finest tool ever invented for speaking directly to your constituents, or to potential voters.  It’s direct, it’s personal, and it’s increasingly powerful as more and more homes come online.  Where I used it in my last election, my vote totals visibly increased, because it’s less a form of advertising and more a kind of conversation — and that’s the way we should be doing campaigns in Vermont.”
– Philip Baruth, Vermont Senate Majority Leader

“We just conducted a survey, seeking respondents through many local news channels.  Our Front Porch Forum campaign outperformed every other link by a huge margin!  So huge in fact, that we needed to retool our workflow to manage the high number of FPF-generated responses.  Front Porch Forum is amazing!  It will always be an integral part of our  ongoing community outreach effort.”
– Cal Workman, Greater Burlington YMCA

“We book with FPF because we feel it’s a great, cost-effective way to reach local consumers who are actively engaged with their communities and looking to support local businesses/organizations.”
– Elisa Garcia-Rey, Karen Fahey Advertising


“There is no doubt that Front Porch Forum was immensely helpful in making this year’s conference our most successful event ever.”
– Charlie Brooks, 15th Annual Vermont Breast Cancer Conference

Good to hear…

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#VT – Front Porch Forum is one of the best outreach formats we have well worth the money!” Cassandra Brush, CVSWMD.

Marketers secretly tracking your every move?

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Jeff Chester will explore the latest in personalized data targeting and how we can secure the future of democracy and human rights in the Internet era.  Champlain College, Sept. 22, 2011, 7 PM.  Share this  poster (9-22-8x11poster):

FPF Ad Hits Home

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Wow!  Just got a copy of the following letter from an FPF subscriber sent to one of our advertisers…

Dear RETN,

Please forward to Scott Campitelli, and your Board of Directors.

Thanks for advertising on Front Porch Forum. I often click on the sponsor links to learn about new local products and services – most are familiar to me. But today, I saw your sponsorship and as I had never heard of RETN was intrigued. I was so moved by your outstanding video piece on Aljazeera that I was motivated to look up and call and email my City Council Members to express my thoughts!

Thanks for a great news piece and many thanks for your support of another truly local and valuable community resource … Front Porch Forum.

I look forward to returning to your site often.



We hear this kind of feedback about FPF sponsors frequently… just don’t get it in writing too often!  Thanks Geo!

Hometown Daily Covers Front Porch Forum

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Thanks to Sally Pollak who wrote an excellent feature article about Front Porch Forum for the Burlington Free Press yesterday.

Photo credit: Alison Redlich, Free Press

Is Front Porch Forum Nationwide?

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Front Porch Forum subscribers frequently are surprised to learn that this free service was created right here in our corner of Vermont. It’s no secret… our start-up story has gotten decent local media coverage.

Here’s today’s example from a relatively long-time and active subscriber from Essex Junction…

First of all — will someone please tell me the “once upon a time” of Front Porch Forum. Since I’ve been a member, I’ve been singing its praises to family in Texas and most recently Oregon. But you know what!! I really don’t know where this started and I’m just now barely getting little hints and cues that this actually STARTED in VERMONT!!

Is this true?!! And if so, yet another reason for pride in this little state of ours.

Here I’ve been telling Texans and Oregonians — “Check out your own neighborhood. I’m assuming ‘Front Porch Forum’ is national, if not international.” Sooooo, if it hasn’t been done recently, I’d love to have someone fill in those of us who are in the dark. Or maybe post the “history” on the website under ABOUT US. Thanks in advance.

Second of all — I am indeed reaping the benefits of Front Porch Forum. I’ve established a weekly connection with a high school student who comes over and aids me with certain chores — recycle and trash out, groceries in, other lifting and tugging. He’s pleasant, dependable, willing, and courteous, and also a kindred theatre spirit by way of EHS drama program! He gets paid right away; and when he helped us with unloading and setting up our tag sale, he was able to earn more.

Local Business finds Clients through FPF

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Thanks to Elaine for this wonderful note today…

I just wanted to tell you that right after the announcement that I had started my business was posted on the Five Sisters Forum, I received an email from a prospective client. I’m happy to say that he is now an official client and I foresee a successful working relationship ahead. Many thanks to you and Front Porch Forum for making connections like these happen!
— Elaine Sopchak, Vermont Voices Marketing Services

I wonder how she’d do if she reached out across all 130 of our neighborhood forums in addition to the single one she tried the other day?