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Giving thanks for donuts, dinner and pretty lights

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Stories of generosity abound on Front Porch Forum….

“My husband, baby and I were eating dinner tonight and when our check came the waitress said it had already been paid for. Thank you so much to the couple who bought our dinner and wished us a Merry Christmas on the way out!” • Nicole in South Burlington

“I went to the drive through window this morning and ordered coffee. When I drove around to pay, the young lady at the window told me a gentleman had left a bunch of money to pay for the next few cars’ orders until the money ran out! “ • Mary in Northfield

“The village looks so pretty at night now with all the lit Christmas trees. Thanks to the church and everyone who contributed to this lovely Christmas scenery. I don’t know who you are, but it sure is appreciated.” • Amanda in Cabot

Heralding the call for a trumpet

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Neighbors respond to a post from a neighbor looking to buy a student trumpet for their fifth grader.

“Thank you, thank you Front Porch Forum users. The response was overwhelming. We now have a trumpet. For us, this use of FPF was truly amazing.”  • Ted in Hyde Park

What gift can you provide a neighbor this holiday season?

Delightfully Vermonty and enriching our communities

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Our members remind us of the value of our mission: Helping Neighbors Connect

“Our Front Porch Forum is delightfully Vermonty AND useful, so we urge you to join up!”  • Roger in Warren

FPF is a wonderful resource and way to stay in touch with what is happening in our community.” • Judy in Barre

“This forum is great – it has helped me find things and answer questions.” • Mary in Bennington

Front Porch Forum is a fun means of staying in touch with my neighborhood and a resource when I want to offer something (usually a freebie) that I do not want to take to the landfill. It makes my life better.” • Sandy in South Burlington

“As a long time user of FPF I have used this forum to sell things,  search for needed items, and even find a tutor.  I am sending a small donation to show my appreciation and gratitude and to personally thank you for starting this forum!!!!” • Anne-Marie in Isle La Motte

Thanks to our FPF Supporting Members across the state! And if you’ve been meaning to make a year-end contribution… now’s the time!

Tales of the Christmas Spirit

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Tis the season to share on Front Porch Forum…..

“The other day a young man arrived with his son and spotted a book he held reverently in his hands as out loud he wished he had some money to put this book on lay-away. Suddenly there was a small voice added to our conversation. His son asked me if one dollar would be enough to hold the book for his father. The father said to the boy, “This is why I love you so much.” And the bookseller agreed to hold the rare book for one dollar down. The youngster reached into his pocket, pulled out 4 quarters, and we sealed the agreement. If this isn’t a spiritual time of year I don’t know what is…..”

“Eleven folks who read my story came forward and wanted to help this family purchase the books on hold. We have a truly generous and thoughtful community and I am proud to be a part of it.”
• Ben at the Country Bookshop in Plainfield

From the outpouring of generosity in this community of book-lovers an idea developed to generate a fund to help other needy families to purchase books. What tales can you share on FPF that can help others?

Saved from a mountain of marshmallows!

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A sweet story to share from the conversations on Front Porch Forum:

“My friend pranked me with bags and bags of marshmallows (don’t ask) but now that the hilarity is over, I have about 20 bags of mini marshmallows. I’m thinking they would be great for making an army of snowmen. Or for the worlds largest cup of cocoa. Or an indoor igloo for the kids? Start your own gingerbread housing development? Or maybe you dreamed of jumping into a pile of marshmallows (I don’t judge). Either way, I’m hoping a kind neighbor will save me from diabetes and take them away soon.”

And FPF neighbors responded!

“Holy roller coasters, Batman! Waterbury loves marshmallows! Thank you all who responded–I had an avalanche of interested folks, so I apologize if I didn’t answer you directly. The marshmallows are re-homed, and my pancreas thanks you for saving me from diabetes.”   • Zarin in Waterbury

Recommendations for home projects

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I am in need of a carpenter… Can anyone recommend a reliable and competent person?”
“Thank you once again to FPF for the great response in my recent search for a carpenter. Thank you all for your emails and suggestions. How thankful I am to be a part of this wonderful community.”  • Jodi in Waitsfield

Seeking Sheetrock Person….”
“AMAZING! First thank you for all the recommendations, Front Porch Forum Rocks! We found a gem who was able to come and finish up projects that needed to be done. He was fair, honest, reasonable, and without a doubt a fabulous contractor!”
• Coleen in Wolcott