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FPF Ad Hits Home

Posted on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 by No comments yet

Wow!  Just got a copy of the following letter from an FPF subscriber sent to one of our advertisers…

Dear RETN,

Please forward to Scott Campitelli, and your Board of Directors.

Thanks for advertising on Front Porch Forum. I often click on the sponsor links to learn about new local products and services – most are familiar to me. But today, I saw your sponsorship and as I had never heard of RETN was intrigued. I was so moved by your outstanding video piece on Aljazeera that I was motivated to look up and call and email my City Council Members to express my thoughts!

Thanks for a great news piece and many thanks for your support of another truly local and valuable community resource … Front Porch Forum.

I look forward to returning to your site often.



We hear this kind of feedback about FPF sponsors frequently… just don’t get it in writing too often!  Thanks Geo!

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