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In Awe of the Solar Eclipse

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 by 3 comments

Jean from Cambridge wrote a lovely encapsulation on Front Porch Forum about Monday’s eclipse, “I think my favorite part (of too many to count!) was: no matter one’s race, creed, gender, political persuasion, or anything else, it was something we all came together on, in our shared sense of wonder and awe.”

Thank you so much to the neighbors, businesses, and town officials who shared their plans leading up to April 8. To date, Front Porch Forum members posted 1,437 eclipse-oriented messages, 230 calendar items, 47 announcements about where to recycle eclipse glasses, and dozens of heartfelt accolades to event planners (Food trucks! Bagpipes! Telescopes! School bands!). 

Vermont showed its best self to each other and those from out of town. And, as we re-settle back into our routines, we wanted to share an important sentiment from Carissa in Enosburg Falls who wrote, “In the coming days there will be folks visiting our town that will never see the true value of what it is to be here. They will watch the eclipse and leave, hopefully with a sense of awe, but I cannot help feeling heavy-hearted that they may not truly understand the real uniqueness of where they are… That is ok, because we do. Where else can you have an atmosphere of such communal authenticity with such a self-defined unique definition of what it is to be abundant?”

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  1. David Lewis says:

    The eclipse was truly an event to be “experienced” and felt. As totality caused the temperature to quickly drop I couldn’t help but think of how the dinosaurs died out and was struck by the realization that the sun is everything.

  2. Sue Ritchie says:

    It was magical- even though I chose to stay home in Wells, Vt. I watched the news while the eclipse was happening, also saw the amazing crescent sun at the totality, and noticed that our country came together for this event. No politics, nothing more than a joining of people who share our land and wanted to see something spectacular. We did, and shared a collective experience. It was an awesome moment in life for me.

  3. Eileen Charbonneau says:

    We shared our eclipse day with a dear neighbor and had dinner on our porch. Below us, droves of cars were being re-routed off construction on I-91 all day. We saw our neighbors coming out to greet them and directing them to parks, coffee shops and our vibrant little downtown. Vermont Nice is real!

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