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Community Keepers

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Those who tend to our communities often go unseen, unrecognized, happily tending to their work. We love when neighbors turn to Front Porch Forum to celebrate those who make our surroundings a bright spot.

“We watched Alan thoroughly clean, fill, and start up the fountain on the green this morning. It turns out he volunteers to do it every year – and not only that, he visits it every morning all spring/summer/fall to skim off whatever falls or gets thrown in there, and cleans it once a week. He also very kindly explained to our grandsons what he was doing, and let us watch it all. What a wonderful man, and wonderful service to all of us who enjoy the green and the fountain!”

• Anne, Bristol

“I have really enjoyed the gardens along the street near the stop sign. I kept wondering who maintained them because they really added quite a bit to the area. Well, last week I finally saw someone out there over several days putting in a lot of time and weeding them. I walked over from my house to meet them and was blown away by the time and care they were giving to our neighborhood simply because it was the right thing to do / a kind thing to do.”

• Richard, Burlington

“As one drives, jogs, or bikes from the intersection of Route 15 on Allen Martin Drive to Sandhill, then onto Allen Martin Parkway, not one speck of garbage will be seen along this route. All year long! Why?? We have amazing human beings living here. Tom walks daily with his long poker and picks up litter and cans, used bags, and other trash along his walking route. Another human from the same area walks daily into the woods with his wide-brim hat, holding his walking stick, to Saxon Hill bike trails to be available to athletes who may need assistance. We are truly grateful to have residents here who care about their neighborhood community environment and for the well-being of all of us who live here.”

• Patty, Essex

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