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Finding gratitude in the mail

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We’re very thankful for the nice notes we’ve been receiving in the mail along with checks from FPF Supporting Members

“My husband and I are new to Front Porch Forum and totally enjoy receiving our updates every day. It really makes us feel connected to our lovely community.” • Bernadette in Charlotte

“Thanks to Front Porch Forum rural life is so much easier. It’s all about the community connections, and FPF is the place to start, no matter what you are trying to find, fix, or do.” • Nancy in Tunbridge

“Thank you for such a great means to stay connected to our community. As seniors, we do use FPF to get household and garden help!” • Bill and Anastasia in Middlesex

“Have sold things, given things away, have gotten help finding local services – wonderful way to connect with my local community.” • Janice in Shaftsbury

Help us reach our ambitious fundraising goal and contribute to FPF’s Supporting Member Campaign today to keep this important free service coming to your community.

Keeping abreast of local happenings

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“I made my donation this morning. Join me? In a world where so many things are unpredictable I appreciate seeing FPF in my inbox each night. This service keeps us informed about community events and issues important to us and that directly affect our lives. I spend so much of my day rushing around and navigating the wider world ““ it’s nice to come home and catch up on local happenings. I hope you feel the same way.”  • Roni in East Calais

In a world that feels increasingly chaotic and difficult to explain, the best thing we can do is come together. Front Porch Forum is here to make stronger communities more achievable. Help us reach our goal and make a contribution by becoming a supporting member today.

Experiencing kindness at the beach

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A Front Porch Forum member expresses gratitude after posting about the loss of her shoes at the beach.

“An amazingly grateful update on my missing shoes that I posted yesterday. I went back to the beach today and found my shoes in a bag with a nice note! Many thanks to the person who made my day! I very much appreciate your humble return. Today, at the beach, I also met a man who was pleased to see that the extended beach area is still as clean as when he took it upon himself to clean it last season. And one more kindness; a woman stopped by my car to see if I needed help taking my board off the rack. Three kindnesses today that I was a part of. It would be great if every day each of us could be a party to the generosity of others and also give some kindness away. Thank you all!”  • Nancy in Shelburne



Thanks for helpful, kind neighbors

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Front Porch Forum members can often be counted on to help their neighbors in need…..

“Thank you to our neighborhood for helping mow our lawn while we are at the hospital all day with our son. There is a lot in the news about the divisions in this country and a tiny fraction of individuals with hatred in their hearts. But overwhelmingly, we are living in a community of people who are good, and helpful and kind. This is just one example. Thank you to my dear neighbors and community” • Matt in Williston

Generosity from others helps confirm the value of nurturing community relationships. Reach out to your neighbors with FPF.

Chickens have sold!

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As have a multitude of other offerings on Front Porch Forum. Members share their success stories:

My chickens have sold! I’m anticipating total hip replacement and could not maintain the chickens. I received interest for the chickens from many individuals, through FPF. One just to take the chickens to help me. I am so encouraged through this process and the generosity of “neighbors “. I am blessed! Thanks to all.”  • Mary Anne in St. Johnsbury

“I never thought I’d get so many responses. This FPF is magic! Thank you FPF for this wonderful service, and to the nice ladies who came and bought the vacuum cleaner!” • Mary Jane in St. Johnsbury

“Stuff from yesterday’s posting went really fast! Thanks FPF and all who replied.”  • Gene in Bristol

“Whew! Front Porch Forum is bizarrely effective! The Victrola was paid for and gone in less than an hour after posting. THANK YOU FPF!” • Sarah in Montpelier

What do you need to sell or give-away? Post it in FPF! And if you’ve experienced success, consider a contribution to Front Porch Forum.

Finding civil discourse, compassion, and encouragement

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Many Front Porch Forum members have expressed their gratitude for having this communication tool to connect with neighbors.

“As I have traveled from our beautiful state, I have realized what a jewel our FPF is whenever we need or want to connect with neighbors. Other people just don’t have this. So many times that FPF has been there when we needed it: There was the time I needed equipment following my mother’s hip operation. My husband and I were able to round out our furnishings after we moved in. I was able to get people engaged in Yoga for the local Food Shelf. I have watched people reunited with beloved pets and have been warned of issues that might impact us. Shared plants and recipes and notification of events nearby…

There has been the occasional drama, but it also has been a place of civil discourse, compassion, and encouragement. I recommend becoming a sustaining member – it is easy and then you won’t forget to give if you are busy during the FPF appeal.
Your neighbor in this great state of ours” • Lynn in St. George

Do you value Front Porch Forum?

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What makes Front Porch Forum special is neighbors like you!

“No better way to keep in the loop than to check in with FPF daily.”
• Sharon in Morrisville

“This was the only place I advertised! Whew, that was easy. Thanks FPF.”
• David in Fairfax

“To have this staggering amount of connectedness is invaluable… You are getting the bargain of your life.” • Knox in Huntington

If you value Front Porch Forum, make a supporting member contribution today! Track our progress with this fun leaf bag… help us fill it up by the end of the month!  

Your support allows FPF to reach even more people and continue to bring our free service to every town in Vermont. Together we’re connecting neighbors and building community.

Where to turn when you need help at your home?

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Front Porch Forum! From interior decorating to plumber and electrician recommendations, and drying out a wet basement, our neighbors can help.

“Our home has a baby and a dog, and that combination tends to lead to a messy house. Due to our work schedules, it was becoming apparent that we needed help with cleaning! Recommendations came to us through Front Porch Forum, and we couldn’t be happier. • Justin in Morristown

“I followed through on a recommendation from FPF and found a terrific interior decorator! Once again, FPF has been a valuable resource for me!”
• Sara in Warren

“Thanks to FPF I found an amazing painting service!” • Rachel in Winooski

“Thank you to all the folks who sent the names of electrical people. I appreciate your help and willingness to share. FPF rocks!” • Denise in Waitsfield

“Thank you all for recommendations on basement people. FIVE people sent me messages … and one called me at work. I appreciate your suggestions!!”  • Kia in Waterbury

Recommendations from our neighbors can be so helpful. Post your needs on FPF for quick results!

Front Porch Forum awarded grant to explore social capital in Vermont

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently awarded a grant to Front Porch Forum to study how Vermonters use FPF to build community.

“When the Foundation approached us to do this work, it was a wonderful surprise and great honor,” said FPF co-founder Michael Wood-Lewis.

A leading national social networking research organization, Network Impact, recently conducted a statewide 20-minute survey of 140,000 FPF members. They garnered 15,000 completed surveys from every corner of Vermont. Results are pending.

Need a recommendation? Having a yard sale? Looking for your lost pet?

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Vermonters use Front Porch Forum for different reasons. But one thing that’s true for all FPF members is that it connects us to one another. 

FPF connects us to our neighbors and communities. It connects us to our local and state officials. And it connects us to local clubs, nonprofits and businesses. And FPF is very happy to offer this service to our members free of charge.

As more folks put FPF to use, more resources are needed to ensure the same high level of service. And, since we aim to limit paid advertising, we need additional income to cover our expenses. That’s why each October, we ask for support. Contributions allow us to reach more Vermonters and continue to bring this free service to all 251 towns in the state.

Support FPF’s mission to help neighbors connect and build community… contribute today!

FPF is not a charity and contributions are not tax deductible. Ad sales to Vermont businesses cover most of our expenses, and your Supporting Member contribution helps close the gap.