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Vermonters use Front Porch Forum for different reasons. But one thing that’s true for all FPF members is that it connects us to one another. 

FPF connects us to our neighbors and communities. It connects us to our local and state officials. And it connects us to local clubs, nonprofits and businesses. And FPF is very happy to offer this service to our members free of charge.

As more folks put FPF to use, more resources are needed to ensure the same high level of service. And, since we aim to limit paid advertising, we need additional income to cover our expenses. That’s why each October, we ask for support. Contributions allow us to reach more Vermonters and continue to bring this free service to all 251 towns in the state.

Support FPF’s mission to help neighbors connect and build community… contribute today!

FPF is not a charity and contributions are not tax deductible. Ad sales to Vermont businesses cover most of our expenses, and your Supporting Member contribution helps close the gap.

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