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Chickens have sold!

Posted on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 by No comments yet

As have a multitude of other offerings on Front Porch Forum. Members share their success stories:

My chickens have sold! I’m anticipating total hip replacement and could not maintain the chickens. I received interest for the chickens from many individuals, through FPF. One just to take the chickens to help me. I am so encouraged through this process and the generosity of “neighbors “. I am blessed! Thanks to all.”  • Mary Anne in St. Johnsbury

“I never thought I’d get so many responses. This FPF is magic! Thank you FPF for this wonderful service, and to the nice ladies who came and bought the vacuum cleaner!” • Mary Jane in St. Johnsbury

“Stuff from yesterday’s posting went really fast! Thanks FPF and all who replied.”  • Gene in Bristol

“Whew! Front Porch Forum is bizarrely effective! The Victrola was paid for and gone in less than an hour after posting. THANK YOU FPF!” • Sarah in Montpelier

What do you need to sell or give-away? Post it in FPF! And if you’ve experienced success, consider a contribution to Front Porch Forum.

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