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Bagged Poopies

We all have pet peeves… this one resonated with us!

“One of my pet peeves: bagged dog poop just tossed wherever like a huge bagged colorful flag saying “I’m now sequesturd in a plastic bag, but I’m still poopy, and everyone can see me now.” Why in the world would someone take the trouble to bag the poop and then leave the bagged poopies all over the place? On a run with my wife the other day, I picked up 5 of them. FIVE! (am I not virtuous?) I’m really puzzled by it: why bag it and then pitch it wherever? I mean, isn’t it better to just leave it unbagged? (not that I’m suggesting that at all, no, not at all) instead of adding a bag to it? There’s got to be some logic to this widespread practice. People are generally logical by their own lights, just not by other people’s lights. Is it that the dog chooses to poop right in front of everyone, and so one just has to bag it or face massive disopprobrium, but then later one, when no one is looking, it’s easier to dump the poop? I volunteer my trash bin for bagged poopies: feel free to bag it up, tie it off, and leave it in my bin. But do tie it off, so my bin doesn’t smell like poopy.”   • Jacques in Burlington

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Lacrosse program gets boost from local welder

Neighbors helping neighbors and their communities. It’s what Front Porch Forum is all about!

“Harwood Youth Lacrosse posted on FPF looking for some assistance making 2 goals for our program. James quickly stepped up and offered to take the job. We provided the pipes to him and he donated his time, expertise and any additional welding materials to this job. 

The lacrosse program that we put on for the kids in our area requires a lot of dedication. Our program is 100% volunteer. James stepped up and became a volunteer not because he has a kid in the program, not because he loves or even knows the game, he volunteered to help out the kids in our community. We can not thank James enough for all of his hard work!”
Paul in Waterbury

Runaway winter tire found!

Sometimes the posts we see on Front Porch Forum, bring a chuckle and smile. Here’s yours for today!

In the morning: “While putting away my studded snows, one got away from me and rolled down the street and I can’t find it. If it landed in your yard, please let me know…”

By the afternoon: “Well, my ego and reputation may be a bit bruised, but fortunately nothing else was – thanks to the great help of neighbors and the Montpelier Police who found the lost tire that rolled a remarkable trajectory into another neighborhood. If only I could lose the spare tire around my waistline as easily!!”   • Emily in Montpelier

It’s planting season! Let’s plant for good

“While planning and planting your vegetable gardens this spring, I ask that you consider planting a bit extra that I can pick up and deliver to a local charitable organization. I will be bringing the donated produce to Meals on Wheels. If we have a surplus, I will bring it to a local food shelf.” • Laura in Essex

“Most of us Vermonters care about local farms and the working landscape. I’m making a pledge to get out and buy direct from family farms as often as I can. Are other Front Porch Forum members willing to commit to deepen your support for our local farms this season?” • Paul in Montpelier

“If you’re a gardener, this is your time. Consider sharing that camaraderie with Operation Bloom, a home-grown volunteer group that has been beautifying Winooski for over 20 years. We are a small, dedicated cadre of enthusiasts who plant and landscape around the city.” • Janet in Winooski

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Green Up Day becomes more of a Green Up week

The posts started early on FPF for those looking to begin picking up and “greening up” their neighborhoods. This Saturday will find neighbors working together once again to make our communities beautiful.

“We have an amazing group of volunteer neighbors! Remember if you’re busy Saturday you really have between now and late Sunday to get it done and get your bag to the container at the Town Garage.”  • Jill in Duxbury

“A group of my coworkers and I are participating in a day of service with Vermont Refugee Resettlement. We will be out “greening up” around the apartments of New Americans and hopefully planting some veggies and flowers for them to enjoy. If you have any extra seeds lying around, we would be happy to put them to good use! Or if you’re willing to lend or some basic gardening tools (gloves, trowels, etc.) for the day.”
• Haley in Burlington

Spencer in Shelburne began promoting Green-Up day early…“I think we’re going to focus on keeping it fun and accessible and getting the word out as early as possible, I’ll write silly poems and ditties on Front Porch Forum.”

Look to your neighborhood FPF to see how to “Green Up” your town!

Spring Fever hits Morrisville!

Spring is here, and FPF members are looking to get fit with their neighbors.

“Spring is Finally Here – Let’s Play Tennis! Looking for other intermediate players to get out on the courts. Can play after 4 weekdays and anytime on the weekend. Hope to see you on the courts.”

“Hello runners. I know many of us run to clear our heads and have time alone. But sometimes it’s nice to run with other people too! I want to start a little running crew to run 3-5 miles on a regular basis, 9-10 minute mile pace. The specifics may change a little depending upon who participates. I think this could be great. Happy spring.”
• Kevin and Brittain in Morrisville

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Public officials reach out to hear from residents about zoning changes

“I am the Town Planner and have recently been posting quite a bit about some zoning changes that the Planning Commission is working on adopting.  The public has asked to be more informed about what is going on, so I have been posting information regarding planning issues, meetings, hearings, updates, etc.  This has been working really well and I really appreciate having the opportunity to communicate via FPF.  You all are a great asset to our community.”  • Katherine in Jericho

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Did you know Sugar Maples are bisexual?

We’ve all begun to notice the trees beginning to bloom, and FPF member William, brings his insight about what it all means. Did you know there are male and female flowers?

“The red “buds” on the Red Maples and the green “buds” on the Sugar Maples and Norway Maples, are not leaves, they are flowers.

The reproductive biology of Sugar Maples is especially interesting. They are bisexual, producing both male and female gametes, so how do you avoid the ultimate incest of mating, not just with a sibling, but with yourself? Sugar Maples do this by producing the male and female flowers at different times. Some trees in the population are protandrous, and produce the male flowers first, then the female flowers second. Other trees are protogynous, producing the female flowers first, then the male flowers. The male flowers are long and pendulous, with the anthers which produce the pollen. The female flowers are bulkier but less obvious, with the stigmas, which capture the pollen, at the outside, leading down to the ovule at the base. If you look closely, the ovule looks like a pimple with ears. Eventually the ovule will ripen into the maple fruit, with the seed inside, and the “ears” will become the “wings”.”
William in Warren