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Finding a way home…

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Front Porch Forum is known for the invaluable help that members provide in reconnecting lost pets with their owners. They also go the extra step to return lost items!

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors for helping us locate our cat Maggie! Thank you too to FPF for this valuable communication network!” • Sue and Filipe in Burlington

“The scared little terrier Winston and his brother Ollie are home in large part to my great neighbors who I haven’t officially even met yet! By the time I ran home from work there was a network including this forum on the lookout. I’m moved to tears at the generosity and thoughtfulness we have found in our new community.”  • Allison in Fletcher

Thank you to whomever returned my blue walking stick! I came home to see it leaning by my front door. My granddaughter had painted it for me as a Christmas present, and I am exceedingly grateful to have it back. Thank you, Front Porch Forum!” • Earline in Montpelier

Local photographer, Dan Higgins, captures Winooski FPF story

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Dan hosted a FPF Winooski Photo exhibit for us a number of years ago. We’re delighted to see him at work again highlighting conversations from Front Porch Forum members!

Looking out for joggers

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A FPF members concern, is a good reminder for all of us traveling Vermont roads…

“To The Gentleman Who Jogs in the Mornings: Please wear some reflective clothing! Or even a reflective headband! As a motorist and a fellow jogger and cyclist, I am keenly aware of the dangers of traveling any stretch of road. Wearing dark clothing only adds to the danger to yourself and everyone else on the road. Please, for your safety and mine, put on something reflective! Or at least light colored. 

I even have a spare reflective jogging vest… which I will give you!” • Jackson in Randolph

“PS – If The Very Tall Gentleman is not on Front Porch Forum but anyone here knows him, please pass on my concern.”


Neighbors help find resources for elderly mom

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As parents begin to age, and we take them in to live with us, outfitting a home for their care can be a new challenge. Front Porch Forum members gave LOTS of resources for their neighbor:

Initial posting: “Hi FPF friends, My mother is coming to live with us tomorrow and i am seeking a walker for her. If anyone has one they are no longer using, I would love to hear from you.”  • Cyndee in Shelburne

Response one day later: “Many thanks to those who responded to my request for a walker. I want to share what i learned. 
1. Chittenden Country Agency on Aging in Essex, same shopping center as Big Lots offers walkers at no charge. 
2. Good Samaritan Network loan closet at the Fanny Allen has medical equipment (walkers, canes, crutches) available at no cost 
3. There’s a website with free/inexpensive assistive technology stuff of all sorts, which you probably have no idea even exists. It can be a great resource for people to pass on or get stuff to help make life easier for those with disabilities. It’s called: 
4. Many other kind people on FPF are willing to loan or pass their medical equipment along :)”


Lending for yard and garden work

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In need of a post hole digger, perennials, or a tiller? Front Porch Forum members are ready to help!

“My request for a post-hole digger brought 3 nearly instantaneous responses. In less than 24 hrs I had the job done and the loaner returned. Thank you, neighbors.”  • Bob in Burlington

“Thank you to everyone who replied to my request for perennials, the response was overwhelming and my flower beds are going to be so great next year! I love FPF and this community!”  • Rose in Middlebury

“I have a small tiling job to do, and am wondering if anyone has any left over thinset from a previous job that I could buy. And I’ve got a perfectly usable utility trailer sitting in my yard that I’d be happy to lend out to anyone needing one.”  Don in Craftsbury


You know you’re in Vermont when.

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Two pounds of cheese is found and reported on Front Porch Forum!

“Did you lose your cheese on Friday or Saturday? Found: one 2-lb block of Cabot cheddar on Main Street Saturday morning. Despite adventuring by the side of the road, the packaging looks intact and the cheese looks good. If you can correctly identify whether it was Sharp, Extra Sharp, or Seriously Sharp, I would be happy to reunite it with you.”
Dana in Montpelier

We see some of the best lost and found stories on FPF!

UPDATE: The owner of the lost cheese was not found… However, it will be shared at the upcoming contra dance for all to share “in a glorious celebration of free neighborly cheese.” #DidYouLoseYourCheese

Friendship and mentoring over the Revolutionary war

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“About three years ago I posted a FPF request asking for someone to help my daughter learn to sew a 17th century Colonial Day outfit from scratch. Much to my surprise, I received a few responses and they were all directing me to the same young woman, who was graduating that spring with a degree in historical sewing (not the official degree title). My daughter and I reached out and what started with an idea turned into 3 years of mentoring, friendship and learning. My daughter got to delve deep into the Revolutionary time period through sewing, attending reenactments and completing historical arts and crafts projects. She has developed, presumably, a life long interest in all things Revolution. If it wasn’t for FPF, my daughter would not have gained a truly important friendship and have learned so much.”
• Cathy in Richmond

Have a passion for a particular interest? Share it on Front Porch Forum and you just might make a new friend or two!




Member love for Front Porch Forum

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We regularly receive appreciative notes at Front Porch Forum from our members. It’s especially warming to know that we are having a positive impact on the towns throughout Vermont.

“There really is a sense of community commitment, responsibility, and self-reliance that we’ve never seen any place else when we read FPF. It’s a wonderful on-line communication model for communities that want to effectively keep in touch, and offer something for everyone. We thoroughly enjoy the news and updates from the surrounding communities, as well as updates on the legislative meetings that are open to the public. It is not only engaging to learn about what services are available (enormously helpful!), but the social calendars are fun too.”
• Rona & Richard in Arlington

Are you using your FPF calendar?

Revitalizing a community with 8 Words

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Neighbors get clever on their local Front Porch Forum to promote the new food coop opening in their town. Community members and coop members began an “8 Words for MOCO” campaign which has been running for weeks on FPF.

“MoCo is creating community and revitalizing the downtown”
“MoCo is shopping local and helping our farmers”
“Opening in August, produce from farmers you know.”
“Fresh, organic, and local – what could be better?”
“Local Products; Local People; Local Place; Can’t Wait!”
“Seed to store, look what we’ve grown together!”
“Strong communities and healthy food create positive change :)”

Have a community project you’re looking to jumpstart? Post on FPF!