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You know you’re in Vermont when.

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017 by No comments yet

Two pounds of cheese is found and reported on Front Porch Forum!

“Did you lose your cheese on Friday or Saturday? Found: one 2-lb block of Cabot cheddar on Main Street Saturday morning. Despite adventuring by the side of the road, the packaging looks intact and the cheese looks good. If you can correctly identify whether it was Sharp, Extra Sharp, or Seriously Sharp, I would be happy to reunite it with you.”
Dana in Montpelier

We see some of the best lost and found stories on FPF!

UPDATE: The owner of the lost cheese was not found… However, it will be shared at the upcoming contra dance for all to share “in a glorious celebration of free neighborly cheese.” #DidYouLoseYourCheese

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