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Green Up Day becomes more of a Green Up week

Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2017 by No comments yet

The posts started early on FPF for those looking to begin picking up and “greening up” their neighborhoods. This Saturday will find neighbors working together once again to make our communities beautiful.

“We have an amazing group of volunteer neighbors! Remember if you’re busy Saturday you really have between now and late Sunday to get it done and get your bag to the container at the Town Garage.”  • Jill in Duxbury

“A group of my coworkers and I are participating in a day of service with Vermont Refugee Resettlement. We will be out “greening up” around the apartments of New Americans and hopefully planting some veggies and flowers for them to enjoy. If you have any extra seeds lying around, we would be happy to put them to good use! Or if you’re willing to lend or some basic gardening tools (gloves, trowels, etc.) for the day.”
• Haley in Burlington

Spencer in Shelburne began promoting Green-Up day early…“I think we’re going to focus on keeping it fun and accessible and getting the word out as early as possible, I’ll write silly poems and ditties on Front Porch Forum.”

Look to your neighborhood FPF to see how to “Green Up” your town!

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