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Bagged Poopies

Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 by 1 comment

We all have pet peeves… this one resonated with us!

“One of my pet peeves: bagged dog poop just tossed wherever like a huge bagged colorful flag saying “I’m now sequesturd in a plastic bag, but I’m still poopy, and everyone can see me now.” Why in the world would someone take the trouble to bag the poop and then leave the bagged poopies all over the place? On a run with my wife the other day, I picked up 5 of them. FIVE! (am I not virtuous?) I’m really puzzled by it: why bag it and then pitch it wherever? I mean, isn’t it better to just leave it unbagged? (not that I’m suggesting that at all, no, not at all) instead of adding a bag to it? There’s got to be some logic to this widespread practice. People are generally logical by their own lights, just not by other people’s lights. Is it that the dog chooses to poop right in front of everyone, and so one just has to bag it or face massive disopprobrium, but then later one, when no one is looking, it’s easier to dump the poop? I volunteer my trash bin for bagged poopies: feel free to bag it up, tie it off, and leave it in my bin. But do tie it off, so my bin doesn’t smell like poopy.”   • Jacques in Burlington

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One comment

  1. Alden E Finnie says:

    I walk my dog daily around Leddy field and all over down to the beach etc. Some K9 walking friends and I have said the exact same thing. You are right on. They’re even on the beach. I will carry it till I find a bin to despose of it. Just to leave it on the ground is a combination of laziness and I can’t be seen holding a bag of my dog’s poop.
    I’d also like to thank the folks whom are kind enough to put out bagged 5 gallon pails for everyone to put their dog’s bagged poop into along Leddy trails and some on the bike path. Very appreciated and convenient.

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