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Free microcell in rural Vermont

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“Thanks to all who chimed in with advice and offers of fairly priced, used AT&T Microcells . My co-worker picked one up for free from his FPF post in Hardwick… And we’re pursing the “Supplied for free from AT&T” options many of you wrote to share! Isn’t Front Porch Forum great? Thanks again.”
• Mary, Morrisville FPF

Holiday invitation in Underhill

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“The holidays are difficult for some. Our family is very blessed, and we traditionally share Christmas Eve dinner with those who will be alone. A simple time to share a meal and our friendship. If you are alone, and would like to join us, you would be most welcome. Please email me for details.”
• Margo, Underhill Front Porch Forum

Capturing the essence of the season in Richmond

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“I am helping to support a 23 year old mom and her 1 year old son this Christmas. In addition to a few new items, I am trying to round out their wardrobes with some gently used items. Mom is looking for clothes to help her find work and has requested black pants, size 0. (A size I don’t think I ever wore!) Does anyone out there have any in good condition they’d like to pass on? Also casual business tops, size small. A slightly dressy coat? The baby wears 18 months clothes and could use both indoor and outdoor wear, socks, hat, boots, a few books. These items will be delivered at the end of this coming week. Thanks.”
• Kristen, Richmond Front Porch Forum

“Thank you to all the people who provided gently used clothes to help the young family in need of support this season. Both mom and baby now have some nice outfits, and thanks to a generous gift card donation, they will be able to choose other fun and helpful items. There was also help from Miscellany Mart and even a possible job suggestion.

“Another nice element of my original post, is that I was contacted by someone wanting to sponsor a family on their own. They will now be providing clothes and toys for two young girls whose lives have recently been disrupted.

“It truly takes a village, and that village is Richmond.”
• Kristen, Richmond FPF a few days later

More kindness in Barre

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“It’s so nice to know that Vermont has such caring wonderful people. I was in Rite Aid one day and couldn’t find enough money to pay for my pictures. A nice fellow behind me said not to worry — he would pay for them — and he did. I didn’t know him. The clerk told me the same thing happened to her in Duncan Donuts! I think it must have been good Samaritan week. I just thank the nice guy who paid for them. Bless you!”
• Joyce, Barre Town Front Porch Forum

Brown ridgeback back home in South Burlington, safe and sound

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“I’m so relieved to tell everyone that Amber, the brown ridgeback, has been found, thanks to some Front Porch Forum neighbors! She was spotted at the dog park on Joy Drive, and Fran (bless you!) had a leash with her and got the errant doggie! Thanks also to Gretchen, who did yeoman’s duty going through the woods and around the neighborhood! Amber is safe and warm at home. Thanks again to all, and to FPF for posting this so quickly!”
• Anne, a South Burlington neighborhood FPF

Christmas spirit at Waterbury Shaws

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“I want to thank the gentleman who was in front of me in line at Shaws yesterday around 4:20. You were so sweet and kind. In a time when people typically don’t bother talking to the stranger next to them in line, you did just the opposite. You truly encompassed the Christmas spirit. Thank you for that, and for the stamps you gave me. I wish you the very best in 2017. I promise to pay your kindness forward.”
• Melanie, Waterbury Front Porch Forum

Missing Ferrisburgh Schnauzer – now safe and warm!

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“After 8 nights of being lost and wondering outside, little (now 10 pound) Trey is now back with me. After the community calling in with sightings and us being able to determine the general area that he has been staying, John and I were able to see him yesterday in the fields between Lime Kiln Road and Pea Ridge Road. Giving him a soft call and me on the ground, he slowly approached as I held my breath, tossing fresh grilled chicken from Shaws! He came slowly and started to cry as he crawled in my lap. My heart skipped a beat and John offered his coat to us as we left those fields forever. So many people have helped looked for this little guy, so many people called in to say where they last saw him, others loaned traps and offered to pick them up and bring them to the fields. Deb and Rachel braved the cold, windy day to help set traps, loaned blankets, including horse blankets to make the traps cozy… so thankful to them. Trey smelled like cow and barn, so thank you to the farmer and the cows that obviously shared their barn on the cold nights. Last night was the first night all of us didn’t feel our hearts sink as the sun did. We are so thankful to all of you who had Trey in your thoughts. Vermont truly is a special place with special people. And if there is ever a reason to believe in angels… especially the lost doggie angel.. this is it! Trey has some recovery time, but the worst is over. He will have a good holiday season!”
• Kim, Ferrisburgh Front Porch Forum

Kindness in Barre

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“I want to thank the nice young man who helped my partner and me in Barre on Saturday. My partner fell and broke his wrist and I needed help to get him up and into the car. Thank you so much for your kindness.”
• Barbara, Montpelier Front Porch Forum

Essex Junction neighbors are the best

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“Hi all. I had posted previously that I needed assistance in removing an AC from my window. I had a few replies and want to say thank you to all my neighbors in Front Porch Forum for the offers of helping. A special thank you to Matt and Erika who came over and removed the AC for me and refused any payment. Essex Junction neighbors are the best! Happy holidays to all.”
• BJ, Five Corners FPF

Missing FPF in Connecticut

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“We recently moved and miss FPF so much! Thanks Front Porch Forum for being free and amazing! Please expand to Connecticut soon!”
• Heather, Shelburne FPF