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Ten guns stolen from Williamstown home

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“One of my relatives’ houses on Chelsea Road in Williamstown was broken into recently. Stolen from it, among other things, were 10 guns. Mostly shot guns, and one hand gun. The state police and local gun shops have copies of all the serial numbers. If you could keep this in mind when buying guns off Facebook or any other sites that would be great! Thank you & Happy Holidays!”
• Betsy, Williamstown Front Porch Forum

Real-life Grinch steals lighted Christmas tree in Waterbury

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“We had a small, artificial tree that we put in our front yard each year as part of our Christmas lighting. Someone (had to be a Grinch) stole it and the 300 lights and nearly ruined the extension cord hitched to it. I hope it was someone who couldn’t afford it and just wanted some trim for their kids to enjoy. My fear is that the fact may be way different. Anyway, it is gone and I just wanted people to know that their outdoor trim may not be all that secure. We are ready for unforeseen possibilities.”
• Gloria, Waterbury Front Porch Forum

Shelburne foosball secret

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“Just a quick note to thank Front Porch Forum for providing a great way for neighbors to connect. We were looking for a foosball table, someone responded through FPF, they were glad to have a family with younger kids have it, and our kids will be thrilled (but they don’t know yet — shhhh). We’ll be happy to pass along the table through FPF when our kids outgrow it. Thanks to both FPF and our generous neighbor.”
• Liz, Shelburne FPF

Saved from ice pirouette in Bristol

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“I would like to thank the very nice man who saved me from a fall on the ice outside the Lawrence Memorial Library yesterday (Monday). I was doing a nice pirouette on invisible ice which would have ended in a nasty fall, and this person caught my hand and saved me from disaster. I hope that he is subscribed to Front Porch Forum!”
• Louise, Bristol FPF

Sharing flowers with lonely Jericho neighbors during holidays

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“My husband and I like to drive around the neighborhood on Christmas and deliver our leftover flowers to people who may be alone or lonely on the holiday. We would like our neighbors to please help us by giving us names and addresses of people who would appreciate a little pick-me-up. Please do not post them on the Forum for safety reasons. You can contact me at Victory Gardens. Thank you.”
• Linda, Jericho Front Porch Forum

FPF angels bring plumbing and weatherization help to senior Morrisville brother and sister

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“I am trying to help out a brother and sister in their 70’s who live together in poverty in Morrisville. Their hot water heater just broke and they have no money to get another one. Does anyone happen to be replacing theirs or have one around that still works? I wanted to try to help them out. Thanks!”
• Lyndall, Stowe FPF, Day 1

“Great news – found a hot water heater… And am getting it installed with the financial help of a couple of anonymous angels from Stowe. My friends are thrilled – even though their pipes are now frozen! Great response to my plea! Thanks everyone who answered my post. That’s the way it is done in Vermont!”
• Lyndall, Stowe FPF, Day 2

“I got more help today from a Front Porch Forum member, and it turns out it was needed. The house needs insulation work before the heater goes in. County Plumbing and Heating went there today, unfroze the pipes, trouble shot the problem areas and brought over an entire bale of insulation! They only charged me about 1/2 price, but were there for 3 hours. So now I have a bigger project than I thought. I am going to also try to work with the state fuel assistance/weatherization program as well. The family already gets fuel assistance, but no one has helped them with the weatherization part, which is key. So, I have FPF angels to thank for the insulation work, the heater, and the installation work to come! Crossing my fingers. And my friends are amazed that their plea has been answered!”
• Lyndall, Stowe FPF, Day 3

Underhill neighbors bring lost pooch back home

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“Thank you to Front Porch Forum for connecting us with the person who found our dog before the posting even came out! We are so relieved to have her back home, and we really appreciate FPF and all the neighbors who emailed us to make sure we saw that someone had found her. She is home safe and happy; thank you everyone!”
• Rachel, Underhill FPF

“Huge gratitude for helping my dog” in Westford

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“Words can not express how grateful I am to Newt and all the other people who helped keep my little dog safe on Tuesday, when she was terrified from ice falling off the house and managed not only to get out but also to run a mile down to RT 15! She is my best friend and I am just so thankful she was alright. Newt drove her all the way to Jericho Cafe and Tavern where I work to ensure her comfort. This act of compassion for my little white dog restores my faith in humanity and confirms how incredibly great our neighbors and communities are. Thank you all!!!!!”
• Suzanne, Westford Front Porch Forum