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Capturing the essence of the season in Richmond

Posted on Thursday, December 15, 2016 by No comments yet

“I am helping to support a 23 year old mom and her 1 year old son this Christmas. In addition to a few new items, I am trying to round out their wardrobes with some gently used items. Mom is looking for clothes to help her find work and has requested black pants, size 0. (A size I don’t think I ever wore!) Does anyone out there have any in good condition they’d like to pass on? Also casual business tops, size small. A slightly dressy coat? The baby wears 18 months clothes and could use both indoor and outdoor wear, socks, hat, boots, a few books. These items will be delivered at the end of this coming week. Thanks.”
• Kristen, Richmond Front Porch Forum

“Thank you to all the people who provided gently used clothes to help the young family in need of support this season. Both mom and baby now have some nice outfits, and thanks to a generous gift card donation, they will be able to choose other fun and helpful items. There was also help from Miscellany Mart and even a possible job suggestion.

“Another nice element of my original post, is that I was contacted by someone wanting to sponsor a family on their own. They will now be providing clothes and toys for two young girls whose lives have recently been disrupted.

“It truly takes a village, and that village is Richmond.”
• Kristen, Richmond FPF a few days later

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