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Missing Ferrisburgh Schnauzer – now safe and warm!

Posted on Monday, December 12, 2016 by No comments yet

“After 8 nights of being lost and wondering outside, little (now 10 pound) Trey is now back with me. After the community calling in with sightings and us being able to determine the general area that he has been staying, John and I were able to see him yesterday in the fields between Lime Kiln Road and Pea Ridge Road. Giving him a soft call and me on the ground, he slowly approached as I held my breath, tossing fresh grilled chicken from Shaws! He came slowly and started to cry as he crawled in my lap. My heart skipped a beat and John offered his coat to us as we left those fields forever. So many people have helped looked for this little guy, so many people called in to say where they last saw him, others loaned traps and offered to pick them up and bring them to the fields. Deb and Rachel braved the cold, windy day to help set traps, loaned blankets, including horse blankets to make the traps cozy… so thankful to them. Trey smelled like cow and barn, so thank you to the farmer and the cows that obviously shared their barn on the cold nights. Last night was the first night all of us didn’t feel our hearts sink as the sun did. We are so thankful to all of you who had Trey in your thoughts. Vermont truly is a special place with special people. And if there is ever a reason to believe in angels… especially the lost doggie angel.. this is it! Trey has some recovery time, but the worst is over. He will have a good holiday season!”
• Kim, Ferrisburgh Front Porch Forum

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