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TMI? Nah… B&J’s is a special case…

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#VT – Last month Front Porch Forum gave away 60 pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to lucky raffle winners.  Today, one of them posted to her Pownal neighbors…

You may be interested in the fun I had with the 12 pints of B & J ice cream I won a few weeks ago:

Jan 16 – Cherry Garcia & Heath Bar Crunch
Jan 22 – FroYo Phish Food & Half Baked
Jan 30 – Friends invited me to lunch; I took dessert, Coffee Heath Bar & Stawberry Cheesecake
Feb 7 – Gave 2 pints to daughter-in-law at my birthday supper
Feb 13 – What a Cluster & Boston Cream Pie
Feb 22 – Gave last 2 to g’son, who’s favorite is Cherry Garcia

What if we all kept ice cream diaries?

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