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Neighborhood Synchronicity

Posted on Sunday, February 26, 2012 by No comments yet

#VT – Many of the 170 neighborhood Front Porch Forums that we host have 5-10 postings per day on a wide variety of topics.  So it’s surprising how frequently we see some sort of ESP at work among neighbors, e.g., “Help!  Plumber Needed” might arrive at the same time as “Boy, Do I have a Great Plumber for You.”

Today it happened on the Moretown FPF with these two items coinciding…

“Looking for a 20-40-ish gallon fish tank. Accessories a plus.  Thanks.”  – Sherry

“Aquarium 50 Gallons – Free!  Still in use, excellent condition, external Fluval filter, and 4 fish!”  – Norma

I hope those extra 10 gallons don’t squelch the deal!

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