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Radio listeners are responding…

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#VT – Have you heard FPF‘s ad on Farm Fresh Radio?  Give a listen.



FPF is hiring!

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#BTV #VT – Front Porch Forum is seeking an experienced sales rep. to join our growing team:




Neighborhood Synchronicity

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#VT – Many of the 170 neighborhood Front Porch Forums that we host have 5-10 postings per day on a wide variety of topics.  So it’s surprising how frequently we see some sort of ESP at work among neighbors, e.g., “Help!  Plumber Needed” might arrive at the same time as “Boy, Do I have a Great Plumber for You.”

Today it happened on the Moretown FPF with these two items coinciding…

“Looking for a 20-40-ish gallon fish tank. Accessories a plus.  Thanks.”  – Sherry

“Aquarium 50 Gallons – Free!  Still in use, excellent condition, external Fluval filter, and 4 fish!”  – Norma

I hope those extra 10 gallons don’t squelch the deal!

TMI? Nah… B&J’s is a special case…

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#VT – Last month Front Porch Forum gave away 60 pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to lucky raffle winners.  Today, one of them posted to her Pownal neighbors…

You may be interested in the fun I had with the 12 pints of B & J ice cream I won a few weeks ago:

Jan 16 – Cherry Garcia & Heath Bar Crunch
Jan 22 – FroYo Phish Food & Half Baked
Jan 30 – Friends invited me to lunch; I took dessert, Coffee Heath Bar & Stawberry Cheesecake
Feb 7 – Gave 2 pints to daughter-in-law at my birthday supper
Feb 13 – What a Cluster & Boston Cream Pie
Feb 22 – Gave last 2 to g’son, who’s favorite is Cherry Garcia

What if we all kept ice cream diaries?

Burlington’s Five Sisters recognized by This Old House

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#BTV #VT – Front Porch Forum‘s flagship neighborhood — the Five Sisters — was just named by This Old House as one of their Best Old House Neighborhoods of 2012.  Nice…

The Five Sisters neighborhood is in the south end of Burlington near the shores of Lake Champlain. Its five primary streets bear the names of Caroline, Charlotte, Catherine, Margaret, and Marian, hence the moniker. Here you’ll find around 300 houses and cottages developed from 1900 through the 1950s for working-class families employed by the nearby Queen City Cotton Mill and the American Woolen Company, among others. These days, it’s attracting young families, who often take turns walking kids to school, a practice known as the “walking school bus.”