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Nine Words for 2009 – Enter FPF Raffle

Posted on Monday, January 5, 2009 by 58 comments

You can say a lot with a little.  Witness Hemingway’s short, short story:  “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

To celebrate 2009 and have a little fun, we invite Front Porch Forum members (any resident of Chittenden County, VT is eligible) to submit postings to their neighborhood forum between now and Jan. 9, 2009.  Any message that has EXACTLY nine words will be entered into a raffle for the following 22 prizes…

Don’t delay!  Post your “car for sale,” “seeking snow removal” or “lost cat” message today… or share a neighborhood resolution, poem, joke, hope for our nation… you decide.  Any nine-word posting received by Front Porch Forum between now and Jan. 9 will be entered in the raffle!  An individual may enter the drawing up to twice a day.

UPDATE 1: Posting a comment to this blog will NOT enter you in the raffle! You must post to your FPF neighborhood forum to enter the drawing.

Thanks to our raffle sponsors and happy 2009!  -Michael

P.S.  Thanks to Champlain College Professor Tim Brookes for inspiration (hey, that’s nine words!).

P.P.S.  Trouble posting?  Read this.

UPDATE 2: Here are some of the entries that are flooding in.  And more.  And here are the winners!

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  1. elizabeth brody says:

    Need help with small design projects? call ebdesign 863-1645

    ATTENTION! Commenting on this blog will not enter you in the contest! You must post your nine-word masterpiece on your own FPF neighborhood forum to enter the drawing. Thanks.

  2. Jordan says:

    This winter has been cold; but, not that cold.

  3. Jane Agran says:

    World peace will happen through our own inner peace.

  4. Bonnie Niles says:

    Come on seek God’s face and ask for peace.

  5. Jane Agran says:

    Ford Taurus station wagon. $900/best. Needs work. 434-5034.

  6. Inventory down STOP
    ReCycle North welcomes furniture donations STOP

  7. JoAnn Welman McKee says:

    Wellie’s best friends…petcare services available 24/7. Call 734-8315.

  8. Lonnie Poland says:

    I hope to win Higher Ground Comedy battle tickets.

  9. samantha cofino says:

    Milo is missing.
    white , gray spots.
    Are numbers words? (985-8583)

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  11. gavin b says:

    Travel partner sought, will finance with laughter, heady food.

    [9 raffle]

  12. Haven’t lost hope. Our hope is older than yours.

  13. Susan Provost Beller says:

    Morning! Warm? Cold? Snow? Sun? Rain? All?! Ahh, Vermont!

  14. Melissa Scanlon says:

    Happy to be a part of Queen City Park!

  15. Liz Willner says:

    Is anyone interested in small, local snow shoveling job?
    [9 raffle]

  16. Elisabeth Willner says:

    Snow shoveler sought for clearing porch and small driveway.

  17. sholved sidewalks makes winter walks safer and more fun

  18. Fred Widener says:

    I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

  19. Erik B says:

    So much powder, stuck at work, want to ski.

  20. Donna Cunningham says:

    Wordplay is a great way to invite people here.

  21. Maria Weymouth says:

    I wish that I was skiing instead of working!

  22. Brenda Black says:

    Morning plans shift; its snow shovel time.

  23. Jen Porrier says:

    Everywhere the schools are closed today, except Chittenden County!

  24. Brenda Black says:

    Whoops! Last entry counted syllables, not words. Scratch that!

  25. irishgal says:

    We miss the sun. We miss the sand. Hawai’i.

  26. Tami Esbjerg says:

    peace within; compassion, forgiveness, empathy, integrity. Simple world changer.

  27. Cherie Marshall says:

    Woe is me,
    Lost my gators,
    Got some extras?

  28. Andrea Morgante says:

    Inaugural Ball at Town Hall January Twenty Come All !

  29. Louise Brill says:

    Would you like to join new round singing group?

  30. Heather Anderson says:

    Wishing you inner peace, contentment and appreciation in 2009.

  31. Judy Lance says:

    Help a senior neighbor clear snow from their walkway.

  32. Becky Wang says:

    Love my neighborhood, love my neighbors, see you around!

  33. Ken Picard says:

    Peter Freyne died. What a curmudgeon! Still, he’s missed.

  34. Robert Di Ferdinando says:

    Now more then ever is the time to come…

  35. most important words anywhere, anytime; please and thank you!

  36. Cherie Marshall says:

    Oops, Not Gators!
    No reptiles, please!
    Just dry legs!

  37. Penny Grant says:

    Here’s to 2009; a year of hope and promise!

  38. Leslie Moulin says:

    Nine words

    “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today”

  39. Mary Beth Boe says:

    Young, female Golden desired…….
    of the four legged kind!

  40. Joan Jarvis says:

    Positive outlook, peacefullness, progress, perservance, great philosophies for 2009.

  41. Kerrie Timmons says:

    ***waste of gas***

    City sidewalks, little slow, yet they still plow them.

  42. Lois says:

    community service, community change,
    a better life for all.

  43. nemontague says:

    Winooski-onion,leaks,ramps,community,river; a saory mix.

  44. nemontague says:

    oops! spelling/typing
    a savory mix

  45. Beth says:

    Nine Words

    Snow day! Freedom. Excitement. Relief. Yummy. Timeless. All mine.

  46. Alice Brown says:

    Winter in Vermont: Pray for snow; curse the rain.

  47. JoAnn Welman McKee says:

    The days are getting longer and much brighter…whew!

  48. Jennifer Kochman says:

    Nine Words

    Eastwoods comes through: so pithy and witty, who knew?

  49. Peggy Luhrs says:

    9 Words

    wafting down in slo mo
    early morning soft snow

    Peggy Luhrs
    Peru St.

  50. Anne Brown says:

    Cardinals fighting squirrels at bird feeder. Need more seed!

  51. Anne Brown says:

    Winter is here.
    Man, it’s cold!
    Where’s another blanket?

  52. Jeanne Comouche says:

    Snow and cold days,
    Cold and snowy nights,

    A New Year,
    A New President,
    A BIG job!!

  53. Neth Urkiel-taylor says:

    It’s National Gorilla Suit Day January 31st. Go Ape!

  54. Neth Urkiel-taylor says:

    Whoops! National Gorilla Suit Day last day of January!

  55. samantha cofino says:

    Milo is found!
    happy are we,
    who love her.

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