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Dog Story with Happy Ending

Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2007 by No comments yet

Mary writes to her neighbors this evening…

I would just like to pass along a little success story relating to the Front Porch Forum.  On Sept 27th a notice was posted on the Westford Forum about a dog who needed a new home.  Thanks to that posting, we now have a new addition to our family and “Toby” has a great big ole yard to run/bark around in. My special thanks goes out to Mark who posted the notice on the forum.

I was curious, so I checked the archive for Mark’s original posting…

Hi, A friend of a friend who lives in Boston has to find a new home for their dog. The dog, Toby, is a 2 year old Great Pyraneese ( a big white fluffy dog). The problem is that the dog just barks all day when they are gone, not a problem in most Vermont neighborhoods, but it is in most Boston neighborhoods. Let me know if you are interested. She is willing to make the drive for the right home. I can send the email with a picture. I’d take himself but I already have 3 dogs. Thanks.

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