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Neighbors Sound Off and Get Organized

Posted on Sunday, October 7, 2007 by No comments yet

Each week brings a new campaign to one or more Front Porch Forum neighborhoods. Here are some recent examples…

In Huntington, it’s speeders. About 20 members have written in to complain about speeding vehicles AND to brainstorm solutions… speed humps, stop signs, more police, warning signs, and, most interestingly, a vigilante photo effort culminating with a slide show of the worst offenders to be shown at Town Meeting Day.

Over in Westford, people are chiming in about the proposed school district unification. This, understandably, is an important issue for many people… kids, money, control.

And over in one South Burlington neighborhood, lots of folks weighed in about speeding teenagers. Now a letter has been drafted and circulated over the neighborhood forum a few times and it’s ready to go to the powers that be. Better than 10% of the neighborhood “signed” the letter with as simple posting to the forum.

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