Monthly Archives: January 2012

FPF Community Calendar Now Available for e-Vermont Towns

#VT – Front Porch Forum recently launched an online community calendar available in two dozen of the Vermont towns where we already provide our core service.  In addition to visiting the calendar on FPF’s website, folks can also clip the widget and place the FPF community calendar on their own website or blog.  Details here.

We’re grateful to our partner on this new feature, e-Vermont.

How to put FPF to work for your cause in #VT

A friend forwarded an email message today that was sent to dozens of parents whose children attend a local private school.  They asked each parent to share the recruitment message with hundreds of neighbors via FPF, kind of like an old-fashion phone tree…

It would be enormously helpful if you would post this announcement to your neighborhood Front Porch Forum — to date, FPF has been the BEST source of prospective families, so it really does make a difference.

We see this all the time from dozens of area nonprofits, political campaigns, small businesses, and various groups.  Give it a try to help your cause/event/organization/etc. spread the word to tens of thousands of Vermonters!  If your supporters aren’t yet on FPF, send them to FrontPorchForum.com to sign up.

Of course, you’re also welcome to purchase highly effective FPF ad space.