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Hibernating bear wakes up

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 by 1 comment

“A Front Porch Forum post (from Kim in Shelburne) warning neighbors about the possible wandering bear yielded almost twenty email responses. Though she was the only one to actually see evidence of the animal, she said people were very interested in her experience.

Early spring flooding and warmer weather can bring the bears out, but colder weather will drive them back to sleep until an extended period of warmth spring occurs.

If you see a bear, or signs of a bear, there’s no need to panic or call Fish and Wildlife. Mary (with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department) said, “It’s cool to see them. Be careful that animals don’t get in the way of the bear, and enjoy seeing wildlife.”  • As reported in the Shelburne News

Will the recent warmer temps awaken more bears? Keep your neighbors updated on FPF!

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One comment

  1. Emily T Hackett says:

    I will empty the bird feeders.

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