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Thanks for Williston random act of kindness

Posted on Monday, January 23, 2017 by No comments yet

“We read of acts of spontaneous kindness. Those instances leave me thinking how thankful they made the recipient. Well, a beautiful, kind soul with the most wonderful smile turned to me on the checkout line at the grocery store in Williston this afternoon and handed me a bouquet of flowers.

“Me? Who me? ‘Yes.’ I confess to tears bubbling just short of overflow, for so many reasons. I offered my thanks and hurried to my car.

“Those were the most wonderful few minutes of my day, of many days. Please know I hope and pray to be able to come close to mirroring this act of kindness one day.

“Many, many thanks, they are truly the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen!”

• Lisa, Richmond Front Porch Forum

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