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Doing dishes in the bathtub while watching squirming baby… Mad River Valley problem needs solution

Posted on Monday, January 23, 2017 by No comments yet

“I have a crack in our kitchen sink drain pipe. So now I can’t use the sink and I’m doing dishes in the bathroom. I have an 8 mo old and the dishes are piling up!!! I haven’t been able to get in touch with any plumbing services and I fear I won’t hear from anyone until Monday at this point. I tried plumbing tape, but it didn’t work. HELP would be so appreciated! Whether a number for another plumber, a suggestion for how to fix, or better yet, someone who can come help since DIY plumbing while watching a squirming baby is really hard!!!”
• Karyn, Mad River Valley Front Porch Forum

“Thank you everyone who responded to my call for plumbing help. I’m all set and have a fix underway.”
• Karyn, Mad River Valley FPF, next day

Need help in a hurry?  Vermonters turn to neighbors every day on FPF.

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