Monthly Archives: March 2016

Firewood raffle in Starksboro

“I am especially grateful for Front Porch Forum this year. Granted, our winter was not an especially cold one, but my husband loves to have a fire going in our wood stove, no matter what the weather. We were running dangerously low on firewood, when I saw the Aurora School’s posting about their firewood raffle. I bought 5 tickets, and we won a cord of the best firewood we’ve ever had. Thank you, FPF and Aurora School!”
• Katy, Starksboro FPF

Need new rocking chair in St. Johnsbury? Sell your boots

“I’m writing to let you know how much I like FPF. I read it everyday!  Such a wonderful way to connect with local folks.
On Sunday I posted a pair of boots for sale and a request for a rocking chair to buy.
On Monday I sold the boots and got 4 responses about rocking chairs.
Today I spent the money I got from the boot sale on a wonderful rocking chair and had $5 leftover.
Another Front Porch Forum success story.”
• Bonnie, Saint Johnsbury FPF

Found a Shelburne property within 24 hours

“Single, professional, 55 looking for 2br. house or apartment to rent for 1-2 years while house building. Contractor with shop in Shelburne, so no more than 7 miles from heart of Shelburne. ASAP. Please call…”
• Arthur, Shelburne FPF

“Quick shout out to all of you that responded so quickly to my housing search posted yesterday and to let you know that I have found a property already! Thanks to Front Porch Forum most importantly. Great service! Found a property within 24 hours!”
• Arthur, Shelburne FPF (next day’s issue)

Local TV news… fear-mongering or reporting on crime? (Burlington burglaries)

One day and 3,000 miles apart, two local TV newscasts took diametrically opposed approaches covering crime and local online forums.

KGET20160310KGET-17 in Bakersfield, CA asked multiple times in their story (Neighborhood safety apps and websites, are they actually safe?) if services such as Front Porch Forum, NextDoor, EveryBlock and AmericanTowns are safe to use.  While a local police sergeant advised caution about what a user shares — which is good, common sense, advice — his point that the Bakersfield Police Dept. has “only seen the programs used in a positive way” was buried in the closing sentence.

WPTZ20160311Meanwhile, in an unrelated story the next day in Burlington, VT (Police see city-wide spike in burglaries), WPTZ-5 reported that the local police chief had just posted on Front Porch Forum — to which more than 75% of local households subscribe — about a string of burglaries.  The Chief provided details and told his FPF readers that “the department is using plainclothes, unmarked and patrol units to track down those responsible.”

We’re pleased that law enforcement in Vermont finds value in Front Porch Forum, and that local media here mine FPF for story leads.  FPF is part of a healthy local media ecosystem and we’re glad to play our role.

Cluster fly army invades Mad River Valley

“I was overwhelmed by all of the responses I received to my cluster fly question! I will try to summarize the dozens of replies I received: (1) vacuum, vacuum, vacuum; (2) use any combination of crushed egg shell canisters (from Gardener’s Supply), sticky paper, bowl of soapy water, ladybugs, Riddex… ; (3) try exterminators but be careful of toxic materials and this is often a relatively expensive, short-term fix.  So the good news is that we are not alone. The bad news is that there does not seem to be a silver bullet. I have learned a lot and will try many if not all of these.  Love Front Porch Forum!”
• Heather, Mad River Valley FPF

What’s your reason for learning accordion?

“I want to learn to play the accordion for all the usual reasons. (Tired of letting the family bagpiper get all the attention. Daughter doesn’t have any reason to roll her eyes at me. Will need new occupation following post-election relocation.) If you are, or know of, an accordion teacher, please contact me.”
• Erica, Shelburne Front Porch Forum

Ski bike, ski chair, chariot… what did you do during winter break week?

“Thanks to donations from our neighbors, instead of bored teenagers playing video games this winter break week, we have exhausted teenagers, spending hours outdoors, smiling and laughing. Last week I took a car load of boys around town to pick up items in response to my sons FPF request for free stuff to “create with”. They were so excited with their treasures and immediately set to work designing, cutting, tinkering, and testing. Ten dollars (nails and bolts) and four days later, after hours in the garage, we have ski bikes, ski chairs, chariots, a mini bike that runs (sometimes/sort of/mind of it’s own), rock skis for this lack of snow winter, and some happy boys looking forward to the rest of vacation. Teenagers hiking a mountain to ski bike down at 10AM on a Saturday is a perfect example of the power of our community and Front Porch Forum. Thank you to all who responded.”
• Kim, Middlesex FPF