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Ski bike, ski chair, chariot… what did you do during winter break week?

Posted on Friday, March 4, 2016 by No comments yet

“Thanks to donations from our neighbors, instead of bored teenagers playing video games this winter break week, we have exhausted teenagers, spending hours outdoors, smiling and laughing. Last week I took a car load of boys around town to pick up items in response to my sons FPF request for free stuff to “create with”. They were so excited with their treasures and immediately set to work designing, cutting, tinkering, and testing. Ten dollars (nails and bolts) and four days later, after hours in the garage, we have ski bikes, ski chairs, chariots, a mini bike that runs (sometimes/sort of/mind of it’s own), rock skis for this lack of snow winter, and some happy boys looking forward to the rest of vacation. Teenagers hiking a mountain to ski bike down at 10AM on a Saturday is a perfect example of the power of our community and Front Porch Forum. Thank you to all who responded.”
• Kim, Middlesex FPF

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