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Housing problem solved… for goldfish

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“Thanks to FPF and a kind recipient, my two 4-inch Calico Koi-type Goldfish are moving from a 2-bedroom to a Mansion!!!”
• Carolyn, Middlebury Front Porch Forum

Vermont libraries use FPF to connect with community

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“The Friends of the Castleton Free Library are grateful to our members. We are also happy to… support Front Porch Forum. Thank you FPF for giving our community a valuable and worthwhile way to communicate with each other.”
• Liz, Castleton Hubbardton FPF

How to find a contractor in Montpelier…

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“Hi Neighbors and FPF. You suggested we use Adam Jackson of Artistone of Vermont to sweep our chimney. He came today and did an excellent job, taking care to double check his work. Adam is also a mason with lots of experience and based on what we saw today, we are hiring him for a small job we need done.”
• Martha, Montpelier Front Porch Forum

Enough Halloween candy in Lincoln already!

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Oct. 27 FPF posting:  “Last year someone suggested that people who live outside of the village area might help to contribute to the large amounts of Halloween candy handed out within the center of Lincoln… If you are willing to contribute a bag or two of candy, please drop it off at the Town Office by Thursday at 2pm, or at my house by Friday. I will make sure it gets distributed to the people who have requested it. Thank you!”
• Sally, Town Hall

Oct. 29 FPF posting:  “Lincoln People – I am a little overwhelmed by the power of Front Porch Forum and the generosity of our community. All day long, people have been walking into the Town Office donating Halloween candy for households in the center of Lincoln. Now it’s getting a little embarrassing to accept any more. Weathervane folks have already taken what they need and I still have about 15 bags of candy here in the office. Most people donated more than one bag, and some didn’t even have children of trick-or-treat age. If there are other households in the center of town who want to hand out candy, please contact me at home and I will drop some off. Are there firefighters who want to hand out candy at the station? I can set you up. Any Bristol people need some? I know you distribute to five towns of kids.”
• Sally, Town Hall

Neighbors on the look out… 14-year-old Persian finds her own way home

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“Our 14-year-old gray persian cat, Kit, made her way back to us at 4:00 AM this morning. She’s in remarkably good health. Thank you all for your words of wisdom and kindness. Special thanks to Lindsey who reads FPF… she saw a gray cat on her porch and called us. Also to our friends and neighbors Marilyn, Wendy, Jeanne, and Tom. Even people we don’t know, Bonnie and Ann… we thank you all for caring!  ONE GREAT EXPERIENCE WITH FPF!”
• Wendy, Colchester neighborhood Front Porch Forum

Like Angie’s List, only better… in Morrisville

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“I’ve donated to FPF as I’ve found my ‘lawn guy,’ and someone to clean my chimney and repair my washing machine! I also gave away stuff that I no longer needed. It’s like Angie’s List, only better… and LOCAL! So I encourage everyone who uses FPF to donate if you are able – it is a great resource.”
• Debbie, Morrisville Front Porch Forum

Neighborly suggestions from Underhill

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Anyone reading this knows what an important role FPF plays in offering a effective means for staying in touch with residents of the town and area.  As a reminder of its value, allow me to suggest that if you haven’t given yet you consider giving:

• 10% or $20 (whichever is less) of the next sale you make or of the next amount you pay for that special item you couldn’t find anywhere else;

• if you recover a lost pet, an amount that reflects how important that pet is to you;

• if you advertise your services with a post instead of an ad and your post is successful, think about giving a small percentage of the receipts from your first job;

• or, if you just enjoy seeing the FPF e-mail each day, give what you can afford to help keep it coming.

My only affiliation with FPF is as a grateful user.

• Peter, Underhill Front Porch Forum

One key step for launching a small business in VT…

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“When I started my business, Front Porch Forum was there to get my name out, and connect me with clients. I want to give a huge thank-you to all of those who work so hard to make FPF a daily success. Please consider giving a donation to keep this invaluable service running! Thank you, FPF. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
• Tanya, North Hero FPF,

Good or bad, first read of the day

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I just contributed to Front Porch Forum. Why? Because it has brought our communities together more than any other way I know.

I also contributed because when I posted a notice that my book had just been published, people read about it on FPF and bought my book!

Front Porch Forum is the first email I open every day to see what’s going on around me, good or bad. It has become a vital part of my day.

• Ted, Underhill FPF