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Enough Halloween candy in Lincoln already!

Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2015 by No comments yet

Oct. 27 FPF posting:  “Last year someone suggested that people who live outside of the village area might help to contribute to the large amounts of Halloween candy handed out within the center of Lincoln… If you are willing to contribute a bag or two of candy, please drop it off at the Town Office by Thursday at 2pm, or at my house by Friday. I will make sure it gets distributed to the people who have requested it. Thank you!”
• Sally, Town Hall

Oct. 29 FPF posting:  “Lincoln People – I am a little overwhelmed by the power of Front Porch Forum and the generosity of our community. All day long, people have been walking into the Town Office donating Halloween candy for households in the center of Lincoln. Now it’s getting a little embarrassing to accept any more. Weathervane folks have already taken what they need and I still have about 15 bags of candy here in the office. Most people donated more than one bag, and some didn’t even have children of trick-or-treat age. If there are other households in the center of town who want to hand out candy, please contact me at home and I will drop some off. Are there firefighters who want to hand out candy at the station? I can set you up. Any Bristol people need some? I know you distribute to five towns of kids.”
• Sally, Town Hall

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