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#VT – Our neighbor came over early this morning all upset. His friend had to undergo surgery and needed someone to watch his dog, and neighbor agreed. The dog is 15 years old, disinclined to wander, and neighbor found that when the dog wanted to go out it never went beyond the sidewalk so it was let out without a leash.

His friend finally came home from the hospital and desperately wanted to see his dog. Neighbor had just let the dog out, but when he went to retrieve it the dog was gone!

Neighbor described the dog to me, asked if I’d seen it, and part of his description was that the dog wore a sweater and had incredible halitosis, even for a dog.

Last night on FPF there were two mentions of a stray dog found downtown, and one of the postings mentioned that the dog had some nasty smelling breath. I put two and two together, gave neighbor the phone numbers listed on the FPF postings, and dog and recovering owner are now enjoying each other’s company. Good job FPF folks!

Shared by Ted on the Bristol Front Porch Forum today.

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