Ghost of Midnight

… about neighbors, community and Front Porch Forum


  1. Deborah Malgeri says:

    I have been contributing for months and value the connection I am able to make with my neighbors and community. I feel the same way about VPR. When it came to supporting a tool that exemplifies Vermont values Front Porch Forum went into my toll bag.
    I have been able to be of service to some I would have ever known were in need had it not been for FPF. It also allows me to announce Yoga classes that I teach through our EJRC.

  2. Maggie Holt says:

    Front Porch forum is one of the best things in my email…like finding a nice ripe fruit to eat amongst the junk food of spam mail! Every force that keeps us together is a good one. Happy to give!


    I donated to FPF, it works for me, rentals, selling & buying. Also what’s going on in our town & villages. Lets all try to give if you use this. Any amount is great.

  4. sandy mayo jackson says:

    What a great idea this was to send and receive information about our community via email. Front Porch Forum has my support!

  5. Barbara Hollingdale says:

    Donate a little something to keep your FPF going. Once you get past the procrastination, it only takes a minute.
    Thank you for FPF, Michael and team!

  6. Anne Barbano says:

    We forget that people are working to keep this wonderful listserv up. I am so grateful and feel it’s our civic duty to send a donation along! It’s also really a time to say thanks. Thank you Michael and FPF team! ~ Anne

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