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See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Posted on Monday, March 19, 2012 by No comments yet

#VT – Should political discussion be allowed on the Jericho FPF?  Neighbor Christina posted just now…

Here! Here! Yes–HERE!

Remember those bygone days when we didn’t have computers? When neighbors used to stop by to talk about ALL kinds of things… the condition of roads, Does anybody know of a good babysitter?, Did you here that Mrs. So & So was away and we should watch out for anything amiss… oh and yes—Politics.

Think of the VERY name “Front Porch Forum

To me the name evokes a time when neighbors actually stopped by and chatted with each other in parlors, around the kitchen table & on the front porch. I can not remember a time when my grandparents or parents closed the door on somebody and said— “I don’t like your opinion, so don’t voice it near me.” IF one had a differing opinion—they talked about it or discretely found a way to avoid being drawing into a conversation not to their taste.

In our VERY hectic lives forums like this one are sometimes the only way we get to know our neighbors and share the news of the day. Sometimes I don’t agree with what is said–or sometimes think it’s downright silly. However, I ABSOLUTELY respect the fact that folks are communicating, sharing, seeking & dispensing advice, etc…

Today it’s SO easy—just scroll down past anything you don’t wish to read about—much less respond to.

My vote is to keep the political discussion—I trust nobody will be offended if not all of us respond to every message 🙂

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