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#BTV #VT ‘s Mealtrain in Mothering Magazine!

Posted on Friday, October 22, 2010 by 1 comment

Congratulations to Burlington’s own … featured in Mothering Magazine recently.  This is a great service.  Our family has used it successfully several times to support friends in need (new baby at home, etc.) or just as a pick-me-up from a group of friends to one happy recipient.

From their site…

Friends and family have always shown support and compassion after significant life events through the delivery of meals. However, this generosity has not been without challenges. Often the giving party is wondering, “When is the best time to start giving meals? Which nights are most helpful? What meals are most liked? What foods have already been shared? How many should I cook for? Is anyone in the home allergic to food types?” or “When is the family ready to start cooking on their own?” is a free solution that simplifies the organization of giving and receiving meals. By allowing the giving party to take into account the recipient’s preferred meal times, food preferences, and available days, the site helps ensure that the recipient gets the meals they enjoy on the days that are most helpful.

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One comment

  1. Michael says:

    I should have added… full disclosure… the co-founder of mealTrain lives a few doors up the street from us. I knew him when!

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