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  1. Disappointed that the PDF is still live, I did ask earlier, but the comment was moderated. Do you have permission to post the material? It is a scanned imaged of a magazine which another entity is trying to make money on by selling.


  2. If U.S. News & World Report actually wanted to use their copyright to keep FPF from promoting them that would be spectacularly stupid. This is the most attention I’ve given to USN&WR in years!

  3. Brett,

    With respect, would you say the same of a music download? So, just one song, which gets you attention and you decide you like the band. It sounds cool, but it is illegal – unless the band give permission. Interestingly, if U.S. News & World Report did not police, they risk their own copyrights.

    Magazines, print and electronic use the number of visitors to their site and click-through to decide how to charge advertisers. FPF does the same thing. Don’t you think telling 7Days that 10,000 people are subscribed to FPF is more interesting than say 100?

    Now that the online version is available, why is the PDF still up? FPF is hurting the exact model they expect to use and they are hurting someone who just did something nice for them.


    BTW – If U.S. News & World Report gave permission then the discussion is moot.

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