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  1. Kate Villa says:

    I just made my donation to Front Porch Forum! I LOVE Front Porch Forum — it has helped me join a book club, borrow a wheelbarrow, vent frustration about vandalism, and generally keep in touch with the folks in my hood. Like public radio, FPF depends on donations for support, so if you value FPF as much as I do I urge you to join me in donating — no amount is too small!

  2. nan tomlinson says:

    Just sent you a postal money order…it seemed the simplest choice. While we value the potential for FPF, the postings seem boilerplate from local politicians and offices. Maybe our area is more bland than some; the occasional lost pet is almost a welcome news flash in otherwise predictable “news.” Do posters send messages of outrage or passionate exhortations to fire people up, and are these postings deemed unacceptable? Every once in a while we feel like taking area drivers to task, or commenting on a favorite store. Would these be within your bounds?

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks Nan! Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

    And, yes, FPF is not very vibrant in your neighborhood yet. We need more neighbors to (1) join, and (2) speak up!

    So, encourage your neighbors to do both steps. And go ahead and post items yourself. Best bet is to start with something once/week along the lines of “seeking plumber recommendations,” “does anyone have perennials to share?” or “how many trick-or-treaters do you expect?”

    And with each posting, be sure to suggest that people respond direct to your FPF neighborhood forum (instead of just to you). The whole point is to demonstrate how FPF can be useful by actually using it with neighbors.

    After people get warmed up with that level of posting, then they often are ready to tackle more significant topics. Good luck!

  4. Judith Raven says:

    The way I know Front Porch Forum is valuable to me is that I always open FPF e-mail. Always! And with winter coming on, these connections with our neighbors are ever more important. I feel good about financially supporting this wonderful thing that enriches our lives. You will too.

  5. Jason P. Lorber says:

    Thank you to Michael and the wonderful Front Porch Forum staff for your vital work.

    As a Vermont State Representative, I appreciate that FPF provides a tool for me to hear what’s on constituents’ minds, as well as a means to communicate with them directly.

    As a community member, I like being able to share egg cartons and toys for neighborhood kids.

    Thank you. You strengthen our communities.

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