Ghost of Midnight

… about neighbors, community and Front Porch Forum


  1. I am curious at the intended reader of these stories? If they are truly valuable then they should be shared through the FPF standard channel – email – unless of course, that is not sufficient?

    Again, a stolen bike in Williston is equally likely to be in one of 2 adjoining neighborhoods. What is recommendation to get this message to other neighborhoods? Happy ending yes, but how many did not have a happy ending, which could have if things were expanded?

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Mitch… I’ve lost count, but I think this is perhaps your 12th online comment about FPF… and my 12th response. Please see some of my past remarks for my reply. I’m sorry FPF isn’t fulfilling your expectations and we appreciate all the time you must be taking to provide feedback. Cheers.


  3. Gee Michael – this must be the 12th or 13th response you have given without actually answering the question – I am leading by example. I am saying, what many are thinking.

    I have spoken to many folks – face to face who are NOT happy with FPF – yes, not through email, not through blogs – the common theme is that you need to get out into the community yourself and hear what people are really saying.

    People from Richmond who you would not allow to post on two forums – for a community event – Folks from Winooski with the same frustration. You have a tremendous list of supporters – yet are still asking for money – hmmm

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