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Man vs. Coyote

Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2009 by 3 comments

We’ve been swamped with loads of postings on Front Porch Forum recently… about all sorts of topics.  This one Charlotte by Cheryl jumped off the monitor today…

Hi neighbors,  This is my first time posting. I wanted to let you all know that our neighbor’s small spaniel was snatched out of their backyard by a coyote this evening 11/12 about 6:00 pm. The owners were able to recover the pet by chasing the coyote across the fields behind our houses. We are on Mt Philo Rd north of the intersection of Hinesburg Rd. Please be careful of your pets. This is not the first time a coyote has come close to the houses. This one seems quite bold.

UPDATE:  And this just into FPF from Ann in South Williston…

Hi – I saw a coyote walking through Meadowridge yesterday (walking in the street) during the afternoon.  Are there an unusual amount tooling around?  Should we be concerned? I’ve never seen them strolling around neighborhoods before.

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  1. Wow – a great story, important to see. It sure would have been nice to see it in my forum – I live in Williston as well – oh, but it is a different part of Williston. There is a common field between Indian Ridge and Brennan woods. There are Coyotes in this common field, but since Indian Ridge and Brennan Woods are not to see posts from each other, I would not have access to this important information – either would my neighbors with small pets.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Mitch… I’ve lost count, but I think this is perhaps your 12th online comment about FPF… and my 12th response. Please see some of my past remarks for my reply. I’m sorry FPF isn’t fulfilling your expectations and we appreciate all the time you must be taking to provide feedback. Cheers.


  3. Michael – I will repeat what I said on the other post – 12th or 100th – yet, you still have not answered the questions I have asked – With a list of sponsors as large as you have, why should you need to ask for money?

    You like to commend me for my posts – count the numbers – bask in your own good press. As a good business man, you should know not to get too caught up in your own press – focus on what could be better. You are mistaking positive comments with value.

    I am being adamant, persistent even because I believe you are dividing my town – negative not positive. Today’s post had one (maybe two hard to say) neighborhood comment, the rest were ads and requests from you (money, Grand Isle).

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