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Mapping LA

Posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 by No comments yet

From The Local Onliner

The Los Angeles Times ambitious Mapping LA project, which classifies 30,000 city blocks by neighborhood and soft launched in February, has made 100 changes based on 1,500 comments from readers…

By taking on the mapping project, adds Smith, the Paper did something that the city government is “seldom eager” to do, nor The Thomas Guide, which is used by Realtors and others. But enough is enough. The paper won’t revisit boundaries until results from the 2010 census are in.

This is a rare undertaking.  Front Porch Forum has completed this task in its pilot region of 20 Vermont towns and it hasn’t been easy or without controversy.  That last line about “enough is enough” sounds familiar!

Oh… and what the LA Times is calling a “neighborhood” covers about 35,000 people.  FPF’s neighborhoods encompass closer to 1,000 each… the people within a few hundred households from each other.

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