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Calling civic-minded nearby neighbors

Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 by No comments yet

Lorna-Kay in Burlington’s New North End is using Front Porch Forum to call her nearby neighbors to action.

Dear Neighbors – Our neighborhood is suffering very badly from the effects of winter debris and scattered litter. Are you a civic minded resident of the New North End who would like to join me in a pre-spring clean up? We could work collaboratively or individually to make our neighborhood cleaner and neater. I will have bags and gloves for volunteers.

About 50 households in close proximity to her received this posting.  How else could she accomplish this?  Flyer door to door?  Posters on utility poles?  Start a Facebook group or neighborhood blog?

And when these folks do gather, bags in gloved hands, they’ll chat about the other postings they’ve been sharing on FPF… proposed development projects, recent local elections, the lost pet bunny that showed up on someone’s front stoop.  This will further draw people into local involvement and getting to know their neighbors.

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