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Civic Engagement, Elections, Community Building… and Spring!

Posted on Friday, March 6, 2009 by No comments yet

The lead up to this year’s Town Meeting Day was a busy time for the 130 FPF online neighborhood forums.  Some folks groused about all of the political postings… and then there was Betsey’s response from Burlington’s New North End…

Thank you to the voters of Burlington for turning out on Town Meeting Day.  What a great city this is!  We have beautiful parks, terrific schools, an engaged citizenry, and an engaged and enthusiastic government.  We work on our challenges together, and support each other in times of trouble.

Thank you to the Front Porch Forum for giving us a chance to connect with our neighbors and share our hopes for our city.  I am looking forward to hearing exciting news from my neighbors about ways they are making a difference, and improving our yards, homes, schools, businesses, and futures.  With spring in the air, good news should be shared.

I’m looking forward to putting away the shovel and picking up the rake.  I would love to hear what you’re planting — and hope that if anyone out there needs a “barn raising” that we’ll hear about it in FPF first!


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