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Find needle in haystack? No problem…

Posted on Sunday, September 7, 2008 by No comments yet

Sometimes it’s the little stories that catch my attention on Front Porch Forum.  Like Shelly’s posting on her FPF neighborhood fourm three days ago…

Hello, Neighbors! My preschooler got off the schoolbus today missing a blue CROC shoe. He was sitting in the front seat and the driver thinks he kicked it off and it fell out somewhere in Huntington.

We know all about missing footwear, mittens, etc. in our house.  It’s the proverbial needle in the haystack search, I figured.  Well, Shelly just posted again today…

Thank you Neighbors and Thank you Front Porch Forum!  My son’s croc shoe was found and returned!

Now that’s what I call “local search!”  Let’s see Google do that.  😉

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