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College Students Rush FPF

Posted on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 by No comments yet

We tend to get high marks from local college students… a little surprising coming from the “Facebook Generation”… we love to hear it.  And the other day we had a rush of 200 UVM off-campus undergrads register in response to this note from their student government president…

Live off campus? Join Front Porch Forum

If you live off campus then you should definitely join the Front Porch Forum. Front Porch Forum is an online community or your neighbors. In my forum (the South Union Neighborhood Forum) I receive word about trends in vandalism, break-ins, road construction, yard-sales, help-wanted, help-offered, and all sorts of other things going on just a few doors down from mine. Living downtown means you have neighbors and you’re a resident of a community. Front Porch Forum offers you one easy connection to that community. Check it out!

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