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Posted on Monday, September 1, 2008 by 6 comments

New subscribers to Front Porch Forum often ask if a posting they have in mind to write will be “allowed.”  Of course (within reason!)… the whole point of this free service is to get neighbors talking… you pick your subjects.  Here are some of the message headlines from the past week, sampled from all 130 FPF neighborhood forums covering our pilot area of Chittenden County, VT.

•    Another Neighbor Joins Forum
•    Party Appreciation
•    Juno the Loomis Street Cat
•    YARD SALE Aug. 29
•    Babysitter Available
•    Found: Combination Bike Lock
•    New to ‘hood, ready to help better it!
•    Reminder to lock car doors at night
•    Project at Ethan Allen Park Pinnacle
•    Heating contractor, tank removal recommendations
•    New Fall Classes at Cool Moon Yoga
•    Invitation to meet Suzi Wizowaty Aug. 29
•    Suspicious character reported
•    UVM Theatre Costume Sale Aug. 30
•    Seeking veterinarian recommendations
•    Parallel Justice Question
•    Yard Sale Aug. 30
•    18-Hole Disk Golf Development in Leddy Park forest
•    Tagging Incident
•    Global Justice Ecology Project Anniversary Party Sept. 5
•    MOPC News
•    Free Rain Garden Workshop Aug. 27
•    Heating Contractor Recommended
•    Another attempted break-in
•    Become an Assistant Election Worker!
•    New Member joins today
•    party on, Eastwoods!
•    Looking for Saw Horses to Borrow
•    Leddy Beach, Itchy Dog
•    Media and Campaign Issues – Public Forum Sept. 3
•    Seeking Wallpaperer and Plumber Recommendations
•    Looking for post-surgery Cold Therapy unit
•    Still Seeking Housing…
•    Sherman Hollow Road Conservation Efforts
•    Audition for Lyric’s A Chorus Line Start Aug. 25
•    Seeking local B-and-B recommendation
•    New Vandalism in Old North End
•    Free Public Tour at Teal Farm Sept 13
•    Driveway maintenance suggestion
•    Found Black Cat
•    Laughter Yoga Training Aug. 31
•    Seeking Roofer Recommendations
•    Babysitter Needed – Ongoing
•    Heating contractor recommended
•    guitar for sale?
•    Vandalism at Monitor Barn – Update
•    Babysitter Available
•    Donovan for State Representative
•    Stolen Bike Report
•    Dance Classes
•    Piano and Voice lessons offered
•    Dance Classes
•    Running Route
•    Seeking Firewood recommendations
•    City Council Investigation
•    Concerns about City Hall
•    Beach Picnic Lost and Found
•    House rental available
•    AC Vandal Update
•    Apologies for negative comment
•    Seeking renovation help
•    howdy neighbors! have extra lamps or chairs?
•    Seeking Dog Sitter
•    seeking missing kitty
•    Power Tool Noise Suggestions
•    Valley Stage
•    Vet Recommended
•    Children’s Theatre Program seeks lumber donations
•    Update on Speeding Meeting?
•    Tagging and Graffiti Update
•    Seeking pit-bull-friendly housing
•    Driveway Need Attention?
•    Block Party Appreciation, Follow-up
•    childcare needed
•    found white panels – siding from vandalism?
•    Driving and Sidewalk Caution: School Starts Aug. 27
•    Neighborhood Garage Sale?
•    Garage Sale Aug. 30
•    Looking for Child Care
•    House Rental Clarification
•    City finances again
•    Heating Contractor Recommended
•    Free Bicycle Clinic Aug. 30
•    Found Cat – Yours?
•    Wedesday’s Wonders!
•    Milton Community Activities Fair Sept. 9
•    Growing Up Digital Conference Sept. 26
•    Itchy dog – poison ivy?
•    Nanny available part-time
•    labor day parade
•    car windows smashed…
•    games, kayak for sale
•    Free Cat Carrier
•    House for Rent – In Vergennes
•    seeking piano teacher
•    audio cassette tape duplication?
•    Compost Bins for Sale
•    PH Vandalism Investigation
•    Special Music Program Aug. 31
•    Kid Furniture for sale
•    Radar training, stop sign update
•    Rescue Heroes Aircraft Carrier – free!
•    Free Moving boxes
•    Food Shelf Update
•    Many thanks to our neighbors
•    Neighbor’s Concerts
•    Monitor Barn Vandalism
•    Farmers’ Market Thursday
•    Showing film ‘After the Fog’ Sept. 10
•    wood available
•    Thanks for gas heating recommendations
•    CVAA AmeriCorps Recruitment
•    Seeking pop-up camper
•    Short-term house-sit/rental needed this fall
•    Seeking used car
•    Childcare Available
•    Seeking Your Support – Keogh for State Rep.
•    Home Daycare Openings
•    Free Bike
•    Seeking house cleaner recommendations
•    small-frame bike needed
•    CVAA Americorps Recruitment – corrected posting
•    Car windows smashed
•    Project in Leddy Park
•    retreat Comment
•    Aikido in Richmond?
•    Seeking lawn care
•    The African Children’s Choir Performs Aug. 29
•    Neighborhood Garage Sale Aug. 29- Sept. 1
•    Seeking Art Supplies for Boys and Girls Club
•    Concert Tickets for Sale
•    seeking kid chairs
•    Labor Day Parade; CVAA Americorps Recruitment; Recent Vandalism
•    Yard Sale Aug. 30
•    Seeking Missing Kitty
•    Free Fair Ticket
•    Bike found – yours?
•    Vet Recommended
•    Emails, retreats, et al
•    Wanted: Life vests
•    Entertainment at Farmers Market Aug. 28
•    Seeking time-share of local utility trailer
•    Cub Scouts launch fall recruitment Sept. 5
•    Seeking toddler table
•    Party appreciation and recipe
•    Yard Sale Aug. 30
•    Busy Bee’s Daycare has openings!
•    Vet recommended
•    Parallel Justice Program
•    High School Work Crew available for Yard Work
•    Leddy Park Disc Golf Concerns
•    seeking driveway repair advice
•    Thieves! Ugh.
•    Shoes needed for refugee children
•    Laura’s March Sept. 6 – Walk to End Violence Against Women
•    Great Painter/Carpenter available
•    wasp nest relocation hopes
•    Creating Connections Mentoring Program
•    Meet Suzi Wizowaty Aug. 28th
•    seeking bed
•    Rice HS Fundraiser Aug. 29-30
•    GROWING UP DIGITAL Conference Sept. 26
•    seeking homeschoolers
•    Speeding and Radar Concerns
•    seeking Carpet Installer Recommendations
•    Seeking Childcare
•    Vet Recommended
•    Kid video collection available
•    Huge yard sale Aug. 30
•    Seeking temporary housing
•    Crime in Old North End
•    17th Annual Cystic Fibrosis Walk Sept. 21
•    Yoga at the Gorge!
•    Name of New Pizza Joint Offensive
•    Daniel Pearl World Music Days
•    City Update on Disc Golf Course Pending
•    City Retreat Comment
•    Bike Race in Huntington Aug. 30
•    Please Observe Crosswalks
•    Brownell Library Wins Love and Forgiveness Grant
•    Baby Girl Items needed
•    Retreat
•    design and illustration work
•    Picket Fence Blues
•    Parking on Rose Street?
•    Two beautiful instruments for sale
•    cat back home
•    Kitty Back Home
•    City organizational change
•    Buy local
•    House Cleaners Available
•    Vet Recommended
•    Flatbed Bike?
•    Disk Golf Course Concerns
•    Seeking Fall Sublet
•    More on Vandalism at Monitor Barn
•    Leddy Park Disc Golf Course Explained
•    Clothes rack needed
•    Williston Farmers’ Market – Buy local and Eat Fresh!!!
•    Bicycle Riders to/from ADL
•    Art Hop – Volunteers Needed
•    Free Deck/Patio Furniture
•    Seeking Winter Parking Space
•    Posting Tip
•    More on Barn Vandalism
•    Red Brick Meeting House Rummage Sale Aug. 30
•    packing materials available
•    Deborah Rawson Library News!
•    seeking dresser
•    Volunteers Needed for Spirits of the Tower Event Oct. 18
•    City Retreats
•    ONE Magnet Schools and Bond Initiative
•    seeking chimmney sweep, wood stove installer recommendations
•    City Finances
•    after school childcare available
•    Landscaping Rocks
•    Seeking Lawn Mowing Help
•    Lost Cat? – Yours?
•    strawberry plants available
•    Aikido: Intro Class, Art Hop Demos
•    Election Workers Needed in Ward 2
•    Public forum on Racial Profiling Sept. 11
•    Yard Sale Aug. 30
•    Group Yard Sale Aug. 30
•    House Party for Suzi Wizowaty Aug. 29
•    Creating Connections Mentoring Program
•    Disc Golf Comments
•    Neighbor in need of Double Stroller
•    old north end yoga classes
•    Group Study Exchange Scholarship
•    Free Window Shades
•    recycling question
•    Paddington Bears for Sale
•    Disc Golf Injunction Suggestion
•    Leddy Park Disc Golf Course
•    Lost Dog Looking for Owner
•    Pizza Place’s Name
•    Empty 2 liter bottles needed
•    City Hall Drama
•    Criticism of Pizza Place Name criticism
•    More on Pizza Place
•    vets recommended
•    More thoughts on pizza shop name
•    Golf for Good Sept. 12
•    Jersey calf available and rescued dog looking for home
•    Housing Needed
•    Bottle Drive for Eagle Scout Project
•    Help Needed for BBQ
•    Pizza Place Name
•    South End Art Hop needs Volunteers
•    South End Art Hop needs Volunteers
•    Disc Golf Public Meeting Sept. 3
•    Save Your Shoreline workshops
•    Looking for architect recommendations
•    Pizza Place Comment
•    Seeking Lost Keys…
•    Girls Bicycle Found – Yours?
•    Calculator For Sale
•    In Desperate Need of Jar Lifter/Tongs/Forceps for Canning
•    More on Disk Golf Course
•    Sept. 9 Bond Vote Postponed
•    Job Opening: Water-Wastewater Operator
•    Speeding and Radar
•    Concern – BFP Carrier
•    Radar Checks by citizens
•    Our Schools: Our Future
•    Seeking travel agent recommendations
•    More on Pizza Place
•    Spear Family Property – garage and creemee stand…
•    9/11 Candlelight vigil
•    election PRIMARY Sept. 9 for our area!
•    NPA Neighborhood Appreciation Night
•    More Neighbors Join Forum
•    More on Speed and Radar
•    Disc Golf Concerns
•    Yard Sale Aug. 30
•    need tailor recommendation
•    Seeking Driveway paving and pest control Recommendations
•    Dogs in quarry
•    More Thoughts on ‘Pizza Place’
•    Teen available for childcare and odd jobs
•    House Party with State Reps. Sept. 3
•    Last Night School Board Decision
•    Garden shed raising Aug. 30 – we need your help!
•    Update on ‘PH’ Vandal Case
•    Camera found – yours?
•    Info on Cancer Survivor program Sept. 20
•    Flynn Season Tickets Raffle
•    Support Vermont Green Grocer in Richmond
•    Agatha Christie at Burnham Library Sept. 7
•    Try VT 211 for Answers
•    Lawn Sale Aug. 30-31
•    stuff to give and get
•    Traffic and radar concerns
•    winter lake house rental
•    Pizza Place Name
•    Seeking Food for Burmese Family
•    Snowblower attachment available
•    Vote on Sept. 9 – support for Suzi Wizowaty
•    Seeking Tires; Free Furniture
•    School Proposal Feedback
•    pizza place name
•    School Bond Comment
•    NPA Questions
•    More on Pizza Name
•    Art Hop Volunteers Needed; Vandalism Update
•    Seeking lost stuffed elephant
•    School Decisions On Magnet Schools and Bond Initiative
•    Sustainably Green
•    Magnet Schools and Bond Request Information
•    Massive yard sale Aug. 31!
•    Pizza Place Name
•    Art Hop Volunteers Need; Vandalism Update
•    Disc Golf course in Leddy
•    Seeking companions for house-bound hubby
•    South End Art Hop Volunteers Needed
•    looking for used bike
•    Travel Agent Recommended
•    Missing BLACK cat FOUND
•    couch wanted
•    Stray Orange cat – yours?
•    Regarding Dogs in Quarry
•    School Proposal Feedback
•    Lakewood Estates Neighborhood Picnic Sept. 7
•    Bite Me
•    Thanks for response; now looking for lawn games
•    Bird Song
•    Rain Garden Installation Part 2 – Volunteers Needed!
•    Events at Your Library
•    Free Deck Furniture
•    Skids needed
•    kitty available to good home
•    SEEKING MISSING CAT – 1 yr old BLK Female Med Hair
•    Free Treadmill
•    School Commissioners need reality check!
•    clarification – seeking furniture to buy
•    deadly nighshade spotted in neighbohood
•    flatbed scanner – yours if you want it
•    Rabies baits?
•    Seeking Wood Chipper and Chainsaw Teacher
•    Condo for Sale
•    Neighborhood Time and Energy
•    Magazine Salespeople
•    Seeking housing
•    Magnet Schools Support
•    Free Press Delivery
•    Pizza Place Name
•    Need Perenials?
•    our deficit and City Charter Section 17-5.16
•    Free Press Delivery
•    Free Press Delivery
•    friday playgroup?
•    Boxes, anyone?
•    City Budget and Deficit
•    ‘bite Me’ on Tshirts from Maine with mosquitoes
•    Fresh Corn supports Kids Foundation
•    Garage Sale Aug. 31 and Sept. 1
•    FleaMarket Space available
•    Support of Schools
•    Reply to dogmandonkey
•    Jay Craven film ‘After the Fog’ Sept. 10
•    Drop-off location for Kid shoes?
•    now looking for lawn games
•    Art Hop Volunteers Need; Vandalism Update
•    Workers Labor Day Celebration Sept. 1
•    Treadmill For Sale
•    No Name Approval Required
•    Disk Golf Facts
•    Persian Cats looking for home
•    Citizens Rights and Police Entry
•    Seeking lawnmower to borrow
•    Free pet carrier
•    Seeking Local raw honey
•    Chance to Meet Suzi Wizowaty before Sept. 9 Primary
•    Looking for painting company recommendations
•    Huntington Memory Walk Team
•    Business Opportunity
•    Seeking wood floor finisher recommendations
•    Looking for car mechanic specializing in imports
•    School Board Meeting Televised
•    South End Art Hop Needs Volunteers
•    School Proposal Feedback
•    Pizza Place Name – Talk To Owner
•    For those who asked… NPA Explained
•    Looking for Children’s Bike Seat
•    In-Your-Own-Home Doggie Daycare available
•    Open House, Art Exhibit and Demo at Aikido School
•    Ransacked
•    Women in Leadership Event Sept. 7
•    Flight Cage for Sale – Corrected phone number
•    Car Break-ins
•    Aikido demo during Art Hop – for adults and kids
•    Car rifling in North Street area
•    Planet Huntington and Laptop Crash
•    Regarding sustainably green article
•    Aikido demonstration
•    Sad Day – Loss of Pet
•    found painting and dog reminder
•    Wanted: Cast Iron Baseboard Radiators
•    Would anyone like some primer?
•    Wandering Trash Can
•    Seeking house cleaner recommendations
•    Use of Acronyms on Forum
•    Police entry comment
•    Camera Returned!
•    More on Verizon
•    Dufresne Dr. – Lock Your Cars
•    Help find missing dog – Shelburne Pond neighbors
•    Aikido of Champlain Valley Art Hop Demonstrations
•    Stolen bicycle!
•    NPA Response
•    Explaining ‘Bite Me!’ to kids
•    Labrador and Labradoodle Puppies for Sale
•    child help needed
•    Bite Me menu online
•    portable basketball hoop for sale

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  1. Charlie Messing says:

    Hi there – so how could I tap into all the local FPF postings? Right now I only see the ones generated in and about Fort Ethan Allen. Can I get involved in any others? Ours is pretty quiet most of the time (not strictly a bad thing, of course) and I’d like to know what’s happening one or two forums over…
    Thanks, Charlie

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Charlie. Only residents of a given area may join, access and post messages to the associated FPF neighborhood forum… so the short answer is no, not at this time.

    It’s a tough dilemma… FPF has a tremendous amount of interesting stuff posted by its 10,000 Chittenden Co. subscribers. However, when we’ve quizzed our members about providing access to their neighborhood forum to non-neighbors, we hear a strong “no”… people say that they will stop posting if that’s the case.

    The secret to FPF’s early success is that people feel comfortable enough to post… one neighborhood forum (400 households total) we evaluated had 50% of the neighbors posting in the six previous months. This is incredible since most “Web 2.0” sites that depend on visitors supplying the content see about 1% of their users supplying most of their content.

  3. Stanton Eddy says:

    New to Front Porch Forum, never posted before, hope I’m doing this right. I want to share about a great guy who does amazing massage/body work. Nik Gruswitz used to live at my house and help care for a disabled gentleman who I work with. He was great at it, but has since moved on and now has found his true calling: healing. Read about him below, but bottom line is that he’s great for our community, so try him out, you won’t regret it.

    Nik Gruswitz ““ Oriental Medicine

    Because Oriental medicine looks at each person as a whole, it treats physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional imbalances. It can help the sick, or the well, strengthen and improve. The forms offered here are adjusted to you at the time of treatment and so are safe and appropriate for all ages and conditions.

    Zen Shiatsu Acupressure ““ Zen Shiatsu consists of stretches, strokes and pressure. Pressure can be applied at a full range of depths, easily adjusted to your preference and health. It is performed on a floor mat and you will be asked to wear non-restrictive clothing.

    Amma Massage Therapy ““ Amma Therapy is a form of massage with roots back to 5,000 years ago, and is still being refined today. Amma is practiced on a massage table, and like shiatsu does not use oils. Amma is simple, soothing and highly effective.

    Qi Gong ““ Qi Gong exercises increase flexibility, focus, and energy. Traditionally, it is used to give martial artists and athletes an advantage, to self-heal, and with mastery, to heal others. With regular Qi Gong practice, you can go about your to do list as calmly as if you were sitting back and sipping tea. Nik teaches small classes of about four students.

    Meditation ““ Meditation can be many things. This class is for guidance finding the right awareness practice for you. Meditation can help you get to know your self, settle internal conflicts, understand how we are connected, provide peace and joy, improve clarity, focus, and sense of purpose, or open up the creativity within you.

    About Nik ““ Nik Gruswitz is a graduate of the Asian Bodywork Therapy Program at Elements of Healing. He specializes in Zen Shiatsu Acupressure, Amma Massage Therapy, Qi Gong, and meditation and knows other supplementary techniques. He is currently enrolled in an Advanced Asian Medicine Program and this year will be studying Chinese herbs, nutrition and continuing his study of Shiatsu, Amma and Oriental medical theory. He is a poet, writer, musician, and Quaker who believes deeply in listening to the sacredness of all things and each moment. Nik loves Oriental medicine and sharing tea with friends.

    Referrals ““

    “Nik’s insights into the body (and its connections to the mind and spirit) are remarkable ““ and they lead to wonderful, even transformative massage treatments. Nothing has ever been able to help my neck pain for more than a few days, but Nik’s treatments have truly changed my body, bringing lasting relief from the stubborn, chronic pain that has plagued me for decades.”

    “After my first treatment the flowers actually looked brighter.”

    “I am happy to recommend Nik Gruswitz’s Medical Massage as a way to shift out of
    chronic illness. Nik’s work is gentle and thorough. I have found him to be
    respectful, knowledgeable, and willing to go the “extra mile”. I have been amazed at
    the healing I have experienced. After four months of dedication to his treatments, I
    have considerably less fatigue, brain fog, and chemical sensitivity. I am not cured
    100%, but as my health improves, some triggers that used to set me back for a month
    now only set me back for a few days or not at all. After 10 years of CFIDS, FMS,
    PTSS, and MCS, this is truly miraculous progress. If one is courageous and dedicated
    to one’s own healing, Nik is equally dedicated to making it happen. He has shown me
    a glimmer at the end of a dark tunnel. I am grateful.”

    “Nik’s massage means a lot to me; as someone who suffers from a good deal of stress and pain, his massage contributes to my healthcare and gradually releases this struggle. He is knowledgeable and intuitive.”

    “My body is awake again! I’m feeling my body all over.”

    Contact Info and Directions ““ Nik’s office is located downstairs at 35 King Street, Burlington, VT, between Battery Street and South Champlain Street on the south side of the street in the Gideon King Building. Call him for any reason at 802-233-5111.

  4. Clem Looby says:

    We would like to borrow a roll away bed for about 4 days. Our daughter and family are
    coming from Seattle plus a friend and need one
    more bed by the 22nd of June. Thanks Clem and Nancy Looby

  5. Dana kaplan says:

    The Kaplans are selling a Wii, 5 games, and Wii fit borad, we are asking for $400. Thank you so much

  6. Polly Howlett says:

    A nice affectionate stray tiger cat with a fluffy tail is hanging out on Browe Court, looking for someone to let him in and asking for food. Looks well cared for, please respond if you know anyone who has lost one–none of us here in Browe Court have. Polly Howlett

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