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Desperately Seeking Sitter

Posted on Sunday, June 1, 2008 by No comments yet

Andrew posted this request on his FPF neighborhood forum the other day…

Hi – My wife and I have tickets to see Mocean Worker at Nectars, June 4th. He/they is/are one of my favorite artists and I was pumped that he’s coming to the Discover Jazz festival this year. However, it’s a Wednesday night, school isn’t out yet, and the show starts fairly late (9:00 pm). We’ve exhausted our store of potential sitters who are college students.

Followed today by…

Hi all – Thanks for all the suggestions and volunteers, the great weekday night sitter dilemma of 2008 has been happily resolved.

Front Porch Forum does work.  I think the beauty of it is that it’s not some online chatroom with a few hundred complete strangers, it’s people you know.  So the conversation continues on the rec field, in the post office, library or country store.

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